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Rondo Just 50%?

RedsArmyAdmin June 11, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Rondo Just 504?

I'm really concerned about Rondo's ankle. In his blog, our speedy point guard talks about how the injury  happened and how he's feeling:

If you were watching the game you know that I injured my ankle in the third quarter. It happened on a fast break and I rolled it. I think I may have stepped on someone's foot, but I still haven't seen the play. It's a different feeling than I've ever had. I've injured my ankle before but this one is unlike the others. The pain is on the inside of my foot. All the other ankle sprains have been on the outside. I will be getting a lot of treatment tonight, tomorrow, Thursday to try to get it ready to go for game 4. I did try to go again in the fourth quarter, but I really couldn't make any hard cuts. No one is 100% at this point, but I was probably 50%. Coach made the right decision taking me out because I didn't have my quickness. E House did a great job filling in. When his name was called he was ready to play and that's big for us.

Like I said on Barstool, this injury could really slow Rondo down. If he misses the game, don't be surprised to see Sam Cassell start Game 4 and that scares the crap out of me.

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  • DreinLosAngeles

    Eddie House should start.

  • double P reppin the B

    hahahaha all star mercenaries, your pathetic man save that garbage for somewhere else trying to say we are uneducated fans…. lets go back to that 04 laker team that couldnt win a title….that was quite the hired merc team if you ask me…. whats the reason they couldnt win? because kobe used that stage to try and show everyone how good he was and forgot that you need to play like a team to win……. looks like he still hasn’t learned all that much from those days
    poor kobe if he doesnt win this year than your “god” is going to be hard pressed to ever win a title with out his savior shaq

  • Ajay

    our team falling apart what a joke if we don’t win this year(even though that will hurt my heart) we have next year with a full Lakers deep bench and a healthy Bynum it’s over if we win this year give us the trophy for next year already

  • Bill

    You Fakers fans are already thinking about next year?! We told you it was inevitable and now you’re finally starting to realize. This is significant progress on your part.