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Whitlock Blasts KG

RedsArmyAdmin June 10, 2008 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Whitlock Blasts KG

In Monday's column praising the play of Paul Pierce, Jason Whitlock also took several shots at Kevin Garnett. In the lowest of low blows, he actually compared KG to Ralph Samspon:

If there was any doubt left about whom the leader of the Celtics is, game two gave us the smoking-gun evidence that it is clearly Pierce’s team. Watching 7-foot Kevin Garnett float around the perimeter and fire up 18-footers brought back memories of Ralph Sampson in his prime. Would someone please inform KG that Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t have an NBA title for a very good reason? The Celtics could potentially sweep the Lakers if Garnett takes his lanky rear end down on the block and complements Pierce’s and Ray Allen’s perimeter shooting with some consistent low-post scoring.

Sorry Jason, while I respect your opinion, you are wrong. Asking Garnett to play only in the post is like asking you to eat only salads. It's not his game. Despite his jump-shooting struggles in this series, KG can and will make that shot.  And the following sentence is so insance, I'm starting to think this article was a Bill Plaschke-attempt at publicity.

If Garnett continues to avoid the paint, the Lakers are going to get back in this series in LA. Garnett is the one man who can sabotage Pierce’s bid for genuine superstardom.

C'mon Jason, you're better than that.

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  • JTB

    For a guy who’s been money throughout this glorious playoff run, why are some many people trying to call out Kevin Garnett? I don’t get it. Only a championship ring will shut the haters up, for good.

  • Jester00

    let’s get this show on the road, started drinking C’s by 5

  • Couldn’t agree more. KG is not Ralph Sampson…speaking of Sampson didn’t we knock his ass out one time?
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