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Top 10 Plays of the Season

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  • Josh

    My dad lives in North Carolina, we went to the C’s Bobcats game that ended in the # 1 play. The entire game this guy in front of us yelled at Ray everytime he got the ball “You ain’t Jesus!”
    After I got over the heart attack I had from the final play, and the PA announcer announcing that the bucket was good, I walked up to the guy that had been heckeling Ray and told him “I guess he is Jesus isn’t he.”
    Funny thing was the loudest that building got was when Ray hit that shot, as I’d say maybe 35-40% of the fans there were Celtics fans.
    Another funny thing from that game was that we entered through the team store, and an employee kept trying to sell me the “Gerald Wallace Swingman Jersey” that was on sale for 50 dollars. He didn’t understand why I didn’t want to take advantage of such a deal, as I was standing there in a Celtics hat and a Reggie Lewis jersey.

  • bostonstrangler

    yeah… that was a great call
    on the other hand, the call on the Ray Allen Toronto buzzer-beater here is beTter that the other one;

  • Chruce

    The only problem I have with that list is that the don’t use the Gorman call for #1. The excitement in his voice kills me every time, “Pass deflected by Eddie House … picked off by Pierce … Ray Allen for the game … GOT IT!!! AT THE BUZZER … AH HO HO!!”