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The Story Of The Truth

This is a very worthwhile read about Paul Pierce in today's New York Times.

“It’s a cliché in Inglewood: you either bang or ball,” said Carlo Calhoun, a high school teammate of Pierce. “As a basketball player you might be able to walk down a street that you might not be able to walk down otherwise. It’s a different level of respect.”

(via TrueHoop.  Photo:  NY Times)

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    “Everybody knows that’s a Blood sign,” said D. J. Simpson, a sophomore at Inglewood High, drawing a nod of agreement from several others on the playground. “He came from Inglewood. If he went to Washington High, he’d have thrown up a C,” for Crips. “He was just telling Al Horford, you’re messing with the wrong” guy
    I wonder what the author had to substitute with guy.

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