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The Bandwagon Is Looking A Little Empty

the staples centerThe Celtics are in Los Angeles… up 2 games to none.  It's what some might call a commanding lead… but it's certainly not insurmountable.  The Lakers have been dominant at home… Phil Jackson's griping about the calls will certainly pay off tonight… so Lakers fans have plenty to cheer about.

If there are any Lakers fans left.

WBZ photog, and friend of Red's Army, Domnick Aielli is out in LA covering the team for the station.  He's also blogging about what its like behind the scenes.  And on day 2… he and Dan Roche decided to find some fans

What better place to go than the home of Team Kobe; The Staples Center?

We figured it would be as simple as a Staples commercial…you know, "That was easy!"

So we walk up to the box office and what's this?…. Nobody home! Not a soul in sight!

The box office was open. But where's the line wrapping all around the block! Where are the tents! Where's the humanity!

They're not alone.  The Globe has its crew in town… and they had a hard time finding people too.  Meanwhile… Boston is awash in green.  Banners are everywhere.  "Beat LA" chants are breaking out at Sox games.

Don't tell me those famously… ummmm… loyal Lakers fans are already ditching their team?  Well… maybe the same way a dog resembles its owner… a fan base resembles its soft team that is full of quit.

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  • MA

    I’ve been to LA and Stinky is correct – no one walks around the city – everybody drives their lazy asses around everywhere. It’s a seriously dead place – sidewalks are usually completely empty – save for the vapid, anorexic girls and pretty boys going from the store to their car…
    Seriously, give me a real city like Boston, NY or Philly any day…

  • dumb as hell

    yea seriously, dont right a blog about LA if you hardly know anything about it. i’m cheering for the celtics, not die hard b/c they sucked for so long. i have many relatives who live out in the LA area. there is plenty of excitement everywhere about the lakers. sadly, boston celtic fans havent been there for quite sometime. but who can blame them…the lakers have been a more consistent play-off calibor team for the last 10 years

  • u stink

    Oh and uhh this is just on Cragslist, you can’t imagine who nuts people are going elsewhere.

  • Tim (FD)

    Are you kidding me, Bishop absolutely deserved the job over Bledsoe.

  • Dave

    Not surprised. From what I hear, LA is right up there with Miami as terrible sports towns. Not that their’s anything wrong with that. We obsess over sports and they obsess over looking good.

  • G4L

    I think mondays are Botox days..

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I live here, and it sucks. I’ve been to New York, Boston and Chicago, and they are all better sports towns, and better cities in general. The people are actually more friendly and not so fake. And there is real history in these towns. We pretty much have smog, traffic, earthquakes, gangbangers, plastic people, AND FLAKEY SPORTS FANS! OH, AND WHINERS!!!

  • andro

    woah woah woah. WE laker fans are bandwagon when kobe got mvp chants AT boston LAST YEAR? come on now.
    why don’t we stop bashing fans, when EVERY city has bandwagons as well as true diehards, and let the bastketball talk. i know for a fact some of the readers of this blog didn’t jump on the celtics D til they started racking up the Ws, and anybody who flames me for saying so is straight up ignorant.


    ahaha u guys are the most classless fans in the league. Why would u say we are the bandwaggons when u were chanting Mvp for Kobe last year. We were with the lakers when they didnt make the playoffs in 05. I guarantee that every celtic fan here was chanting Mvp for Kobe last year. HAHA u guys make me laugh!

  • somoan love

    Oh us Laker fans not loyal to the team? Was it just last year when you know, when the TD Boston Garden were chanting MVP to Kobe Bryant. hahaha and if those were only Laker fans chanting MVP why were they more loud then the REAL Boston fans last year. Why did it sound like a home game. So its funny when you call us laker fans not loyal. LOL@ you people

  • andro

    redsarmy, your side of this argument is a lost cause.