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The Vaunted Lakers Defense

I've been driving the Leon Powe bandwagon since day 1… but even I can acknowledge his limitations.  For instance… there's no way in hell that Leon Powe should go coast-to-coast, untouched, when 3 Lakers are already on the defensive end of the court.

Leon got the ball about 90 feet away from the basket.  Notice where Pau Gasol is after a couple of dribbles.

leon powe

So Pau is just turning around… and he is clearly looking at Leon. 

leon powe

In the time it took Leon to get over half court… Pau has moved 5 feet.  As an added bonus, Sasha Vujacic is on the block.  They should get over to clog that lane… except.

leon powe

Pau moved about 2 feet and Sasha did little more than pivot… leaving Leon Powe to elevate for an easy 2 handed slam.  This might be the most embarrassing, pathetic thing I've seen.  Leon is not blazing fast.  He's a bulky power forward.  Yet he took the ball 90 feet… and Gasol and Vujacic stood there and watched him go by them like he was Clyde Drexler.  In a game the ended up getting cut to 2 points… you can look back on this and say this was HUGE for the Celtics.

The Celtics relaxed in the 4th and LA got ridiculously hot.   The Celtics almost paid dearly for going 7 minutes without playing D.  But the Lakers have paid dearly twice for disappearing on the defensive end.  It's what we've been saying since the Pau Gasol trade happened.  Defense wins championships… he plays almost none… and neither do most of the Lakers.  And I'll tell you this for sure:  You won't see another 41 point quarter out of the Lakers in this series.

One other note… we saw "Bad Kobe" for most of the game again last night.  Lots of forced shots… mainly on the perimeter… virtually no passing.  It took him 23 shots to get to 30 points… while it took Paul Pierce 16 shots to get to 28.  No defense plus "Bad Kobe" equals bad… bad things for Los Angeles.

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  • u stink

    except…no one would’ve been covering garnett(pau’s man) and vujacic wouldn’t be able to do shit even if he did help contest. This was actually Vlad’s fault, either way it would’ve been a 2v1 on Pau and they would’ve scored either way.
    Pierce was on fire, kobe got to the rim the average amount. 28 more free throw attempts and only winning by 6 is “cute” indeed.

  • dreinla

    It was Pau’s fault – he needed to stop the ball… take a charge… he’s the lead man on D in that scenario.
    Also “This might be the most embarrassing, pathetic thing I’ve seen,” is false. You’ve seen worse out of a certain former teammate of ours named Juan.

  • I agree, and disagree.

    “…there’s no way in hell that Leon Powe should go coast-to-coast, untouched, when 3 Lakers are already on the defensive end of the court.”

    Agreed. That was absolutely pathetic. I just sat there with my head in my hands at that point. It was very, very sad.

    “In a game the ended up getting cut to 2 points… you can look back on this and say this was HUGE for the Celtics.”

    I disagree. The thing that will be looked back on in this game and people will say was HUGE for the Celtics is the free throw disparity. 38 of the suckers to 10. And don’t tell me “the Celtics attacked the hoop more” – it’s a fallacy, pure ‘n’ simple.
    Honestly? Pretty disappointed that pretty much no Boston blog has even attempted to discuss that. Isn’t it worthy of discussion?
    Don’t get me wrong: I think that overall, Boston outplayed LA in game 2. But the first half (I saw as) – pretty even. 3rd, all Boston. 4th, largely LA. Just that in the first half, there was that slight issue of a 19-2 FTA.