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RedsArmyAdmin June 9, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on Now on Barstool

One of the biggest disappointments in this series has to be the coaching (or lack of ) by Phil Jackson. This dude is the greatest of all time, how can he let his team fall behind 2-0? Here's my rant on Barstool:

It was supposed to be the biggest mismatch of the series. Basketball guru, master motivator and 9-time NBA champion Phil Jackson versus Doc "I have no set rotation" Rivers. Now that the Celtics have taken a commanding 2-0 lead in the series, ol' Phil can reach into his bag of tricks and start outcoaching Doc. Go ahead, make your move, the whole world is waiting. What's that, you got nothing? Pau Gasol has disappeared in the second half of both games and there is nothing you can do? Last night you said Lamar Odom looked confused. Can you use some of that zen-bs to set him straight?

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