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Look At The Box Score

paul pierce fould by derek fisher

"Oh my God… the Celtics took 38 free throws to the Lakers 10.  They got SCREWED!!!"

There you go.  All the proof you need right there that the refs were in the Celtics pockets.  How can you go to the line 28 more times than a team WITHOUT the refs in your pocket… right?

Unless there was a stat that might somehow, miraculously, more accurately reflect how many more fouls were called on the Lakers.  Oh… if only a stat like that existed. 

Oh wait… it does.  Its called PERSONAL FOULS!!  And what does that reveal? 

The Lakers committed 28 personal fouls.  The Celtics:  21. 

So for all the hemming and hawing… for all the "Lakers got hosed by the refs" talk… the difference in the fouls was a mere 7.  Single digits. 

So what might account for the free throw disparity?  Could it be the fact that the Celtics drove to the hoop a lot more?  Could it be that Leon Powe was doing chin ups the whole game (or trying to) and getting whacked when he didn't actually get to the rim?  The fouls called on the Lakers were shooting fouls… the fouls called on the C's were either offensive fouls… or reach-ins as the Lakers danced on the perimeter.

I know this isn't convenient to Phil Jackson… who has turned whining about calls into an art form.  But the simple fact is that the foul disparity is nowhere near what many would like you to believe.

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  • KP

    Great point that was the first thing I checked this morning in the box score and was a little surprised it was as close as it was (7).

  • Mike

    Also, I believe it was the second quarter when that alltime great coach Jackson ran out a unit with all bench players that the Lakers picked up two ridiculous (as in ridiculously lazy and weak) fouls about a minute into the quarter. So basically when you start doing stuff like that, it’s going to hurt as the opponent will be in the penalty sooner than later.

  • Pete

    great game, great ball movement last night. the lakers never took the ball to the rack which is why they never had any fouls called. Game 3 will be different and I suspect kobe, lamar, and gasol to be very aggressive and get to the charity stripe more than the c’s.
    Any thoughts on the Powe chant (braves chant with Powe) they are trying to start?
    – section 312 CELTICS PRIDE

  • G4L

    Great Point!!!

  • perkisabeast

    Nice work. However, Plaschke’s a douche who deserves everything he gets.

  • inferno

    You’ve been alone in this too long u stink…
    Your fighting a valiant, yet hopeless battle…
    A) Your dealing with Boston fans…the worst fans in America…they’ve been spoiled with baseball and football over the last decade and have become greedy…once upon a time the Celtics were all about winning, for 20 years they’ve been a joke…clearly Celtic fans don’t know how to win…or how to respond to winning…
    B) These particular bloggers are as dense as a fat chick’s ass after eating cheescake…ask BigMck about that image…
    clearly, regardless of the facts or how eloquently you pose your argument, you won’t be heard…they will twist, warp and manipulate your words to benefit them…
    C) Finally…these people are simply not honest…even if they see your point, if it is in direct conflict with what their “perception” is, they won’t admit to anything…
    ANYONE…Laker fan or Celtic fan watching the game saw a clear and disturbing difference in the way the game was called…your observation was correct regarding the 16-3 shooting foul v. the meaningless 28-21 (which by the way is still considerable, but for this discussion-meaningless)…shooting fouls (or fouls called while in the shooting act) were simply not called against the C’s for over three periods…awful officiating…
    Radman did travel though…as a winner and a Laker fan…I have no trouble admitting a shortcomiong…

  • bryan

    Please, just be a little open-minded. If the freethrow disparity was the other way around and it was in favor of the Lakers you Boston fans would have something to say too. Phil Jackson is brutally honest. He isn’t going to make excuses for a loss. He says it the way he sees it. He calls his own players “Space Cadets” when their heads aren’t in the game. The announcers doing the game on ABC even brought up some of the no-calls for the Lakes. The broadcasters on AM570 (who are also blunt) said the officiating was bad. The news reporter after the game said the officiating was bad. Most of the articles on ESPN and NBA.COM said Boston got all the calls..
    Even one of your very own said that the calls were favorable to Boston.. calling “favorable” an understatement.
    “They were given an ongoing boost by favorable officiating (that’s an understatement)”
    I have no doubt in my mind that the game was poorly called but are the refs to blame? YES and NO.
    The refs made the right calls on the Lakers (even though half were touch fouls) but were very hesitant to blow the whistle against the C’s.. why? Because of you fans. You fans that were at the game deserve much of the credit for the win. You guys proved that a crowd can really rally behind its team and force the referees to let some of the physical play go (at the Lakers’ expense).
    You guys deserved the win. And so will we, the Lakers will take 3-4-and-5 at Staples nd will try their luck again back in Beantown.

  • double P reppin the B

    dude the point your missing is that we have the best D in the league…. your team is missing shots without getting fouled, they are missing wide open jumpers in the lane compared to our celtics getting fouled after we beat your team off the dribble…. that is why you “scored” more in the paint, we didnt foul your team when you got in the lane as much as u hackers hit us when we beat you… get over it, your down 2-0 and are clearly nervous your gonna get blown out, your lakers are a joke and are all mixed up now, sorry hahah