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Lamar Odom Thinks Boston Sucks

Lamar Odom's official charity, Cathy's Kids, is selling this T-shirt for $20. Personally, I thinks it's a great message for the kids. 

Thanks to Deadspin

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  • …in DC

    And to think that bozo went to U-Rhode Island….

  • davecowens

    Does that shirt say “Boston sucks u?” Kinda vulgar don’t you think?
    Lamar’s heart is in the right place I guess. What’s Kobe’s charity doing for the Finals?

  • Nora

    Can’t believe a charity is going so low as to agree to this promo. I know it is for charity but it is classless and childish of Odom to do this. Esp. when he has been so terrible this series. It must suck to be down 0-2. LOL

  • st0ner