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Just Some Neighborly Conversation

RedsArmyAdmin June 8, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on Just Some Neighborly Conversation

My neighbor and I sometimes talk Celtics.  Rajon Rondo does the same… which is nice… because his neighbor happens to be Kendrick Perkins.

This morning we had practice at the Garden, so I rode down with Perk. He's my neighbor so we sometimes ride together. Once I got down to the Garden, I watched some film…then had to do media. After media, I went to practice. Then after practice, I shot behind the back half-court shots with Ray…just having some fun. On the way home me and Perk had an interesting conversation. We started talking about the Celtics/Lakers rivalry and how we were babies the last time the Celtics/Lakers were playing against each other in the Finals

I love Rondo… but reminding me that he and Perk were babies when I was learning to drive just hurts.  Rondo's also showing a little political side in that blog post.  Nice Rajon.

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