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RedsArmyAdmin June 6, 2008 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Victory


If all the games are like this one, I might not survive the series. Paul Pierce took this game over in the 3rd quarter scoring 8 points in a 90 second span including a 4-pt play. He then went down in a heap with a knee injury and had to be taken off the court in a wheelchair. There was a collective "What the F*ck" heard across New England. No worries though, the Truth raced back onto the court and promptly drained back-to-back threes to put the Celtics back on top. The Celtics D clamped down in the 4th quarter and held off the Lakers. Oh yeah…Kobe Bryant…the so-called best player in the universe had 24 pts on 9-26 FG (1-5 in 4th). Here are some other observations:

-KG (24 pts, 13 reb) struggled in the 4th until he slammed home a missed shot (above photo) with about 1:30 left which put the Celtics up 8.

-Rondo (15 pts, 7 asst, 5 reb, 2 TO) was brilliant. He was in complete control of this game and never looked rattled.

-The Celtics really struggled with the Lakers pick-and-roll in the first half. At times it seemed like they'd never seen that play. On that note, Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol combined for 25 pts and killed the C's in the first half. But they disappeared in the second half, scoring just 5 pts.

 -I really want to credit the Celtics second half defense, but it seemed that a lot of Lakers' misses were in-and-out.

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  • I’ll credit the Celtics D in the last couple of minutes. They suffocated Kobe and didn’t bite on any of his fakes or spins. They made it very hard on him to do anything.

  • bigmck

    Agreed. they did a helluva job on Kobe.

  • Ajay

    freaking Lakers man had chances to take leads in the 4th or tie it up but couldn’t make shot and FREAKING GOT OUT REBOUNDED SICK the turning point in the 4th was that KG dunk man it crush Lakers spirit. Damn that we had a chance to get a steal in game one. Now Lakers must take game 2.

  • Tim (FD)

    Even though Ajay has an interesting approach and delivery, at least he is a respectable and honest Laker fan, unlike most.

  • Rush

    wow! what a game! nearly burst my capillaries when pierce went down! was giving a silent prayer while he was being carried out. and you just knew that the momentum changed when he came charging back in from the dugout. what heart and courage.
    irresistable force (offense) vs immovable object (defense).
    the “object” won this one.
    three to go!

  • Al

    Raced home from work to watch the last 6 minutes on the net in Italian! Awesome finish. I know KG missed a lot in the 4th but the way I see it if KG is taking 22 shots in a game we’re gonna be sweet.
    Also great to see Ray’s #’s vs Kobes – if they stay like that this series it’s lookin all greeeeeeeeeeeeen

  • GMT

    Hey everybody…This is a question …I am fron Northern Calif….but a die-hard Celtic fan…it sounds like Paul Pierce may miss game 2…is this a possibilty??
    Thanks & go Celts

  • jtb

    That was so sweet.
    Hall of Fame stuff from The Captain tonight. Pierce was just awesome. To see the Captain come bounding out of the runway just minutes after being carted away on a wheelchair gave me chills, and then he just took over the game. He played suffocating defense on Kobe in the fourth quarter, and turned the tide with the back-to-back threes. Incredible drama in the Garden tonight. Pierce’s performance got me to thinking about his career, how incredibly tough he’s been, and how criminally underappreciated he is.
    Before this season, who was the second-best co-star Pierce has had? Antoine Walker was far and away the best, and then who? The best I could come up with was Al Jefferson. Who else is in the argument? Erik Williams was pretty decent for a few years. Kenny Anderson? Definitely in the twilight of his career, as was Gary Payton. You start naming guys like Ricky Davis and Mark Blount before too long. Pierce has carried a garbage squad for his entire career, and nobody deserves to be on the game’s grandest stage more than he does. He’s been forced to toil in relative anonymity, carrying the burden of the offensives load without little or no help. If Pierce had been forced out of this series due to injury it would have been tragic.
    Amazing night.

  • Braddymac

    I’m hoping Doc will be able to play Pierce limited minutes due to us blowing out the Lakers in game 2. That or Allen/KG can carry the load so he can get some rest.
    Truth is better than Ginobli but we cannot afford to have him playing hurt. Exploiting him vs Radmanovich is a key component to winning this series.

  • This was classic Boston Celtics finals action. You know Larry Bird was in Indiana, with a Miller Lite in one hand and a foam finger on the other hand, proud as a father watching Pierce go down in the third and then get right back up!! It was Bird-esque and the stuff legends are made of.
    Game #2 preview late night on Wicked Pissa Dude radio at

  • Dave

    Yeah man, Red’s Rims were haunting the Lakers last night. I think I saw 6 in & outs. PHEW~

  • William

    Can you believe the garbage being said/written about Pierce? Plaske and Jackson showed they’re complete d-bags again, and continued LA bias in the media means they won’t be called out on it.
    If Kobe went down the refs would probably stop the game until he could return.
    Hopefully the Lakers will fold in game 2 and Pierce won’t have to expend himself. Perk too, need to bang with Gasol, even if it’s only for 6 minutes in the 1st. Ray and KG need to step up.

  • LakersAlldayandnight

    ill agree with you redsarmy that you guys played terrific defense on kobe. But on ALOT of those shots, our misses went in and out. I saw 5-7 in and out shots. BTW i have to credit that dunk by garnett. Now its time for us, and kobe, to rebound in game two.


    Thanks for “giving credit” for KG’s dunk. That means so much. I’ll credit Gasol for folding up like a wet blanket. Should mean the same thing. My god you guys are softer than Britney’s cunny. And a rebound is something the Celts own. Don’t kick me.