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“A Great Chance I’ll Play Sunday”

Update:  WBZ has posted video of the 7 minute news conference in which Pierce updates everyone on his condition, and he blows off people who accuse him of faking.

Paul Pierce talked about his injury today… and the Globe reports the news seems good:

“I can walk on it, I can bend it, but there’s a little sharp pain on the inside of my knee,” said Pierce. “There’s a little pain in there right now so I’m going to keep it wrapped, iced.”

Pierce said he would be receiving treatment 2-3 times a day to see if his knee responds. He was asked the million dollar question: Will he play in Game 2?

“I think there's a great chance I'll play on Sunday,” Pierce said, who acknowledged that it's still possible he could miss the game. “If the game was today I most likely would not play.”

This is actually great news… because Doc Rivers told WEEI this morning that if Pierce doesn't play… Tony Allen might start game 2.  Tony Allen… who has been racking up DNP's in the playoffs… could get the start.  Yikes.

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  • Lakerhater

    Posey or Powe but NOT TA. God Dammit Doc, I want Scallie suited up for game 2. GO CELTICS!

  • Josh

    Plaschke wasn’t on ATH today, but the entire panel, including that idiot Mariotti, ripped him to shreds for what he said.

  • diojw33

    if I hear one more reference to Paul Pierce pulling a Willis Reed last night, I’m going to hang myself.
    Willis Reed was legitimately hurt when he limped out onto the floor in Game 7 of the 1970 Finals. He was hurt so bad, he couldn’t play more than 15 minutes that game. He was dragging his leg as he ran up the court.
    Pierce was carried off to the locker room because he said he heard a pop but miraculously his “injured knee” didn’t stop him from taking one of the worst flops I’ve ever seen on Derrick Fisher.
    It was as if he transformed himself into the black version of Manu Ginobili.
    Truly an embarrassment to basketball.
    As my sister would say so eloquently Mr. Pierce,
    Save the Drama for yo mama.
    Posted by World of Isaac