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You’d Think We’d Learn Something New

We are in a serious calm before the storm right now.  We're a few hours away from the tip off of Game 1… and all the added media attention has only served to rehash old stories that we've all heard before…. rather than give us something new.  I know what Ubuntu is.  That's why we made the shirt like 6 months ago. 

So what do we have left before the game?  The Globe has put the C's-Lakers through the NBA 2K8 ringer… and the C's win in 7.  That's it… we're out of storylines.  We need a game to sustain us for the next couple of games.

You know what's funny?  Every time this series is run through some kind of computer simulation, the Celtics win.  Its only when emotions are involved does the pendulum swing the other way.  I'm not saying the computers are always right… I'm just saying the very stark contrast is interesting.

Emotions are involved over at SLAM! Magazine… where Marcel Mutoni tries to hate the Celtics.  He fails.  The Celtics owners tried to keep their emotions in check this morning when they spoke to WBZ News.  Here are three video clips: Wyc Grousbeck, Steve Pagliuca and Robert Epstein… whom I've never heard of before.  Nice time to surface Robert.

Want a live conversation during the game?  It will be happening in our forums.

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