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Its Here!!!

RedsArmyAdmin June 5, 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Its Here!!!

kevin garnett and gabe pruitt

What the hell is KG doing to Gabe Pruitt?  Somone help me figure things out… because my brain is not working right now. 

All that's going through my head is "Oh my God… The Celtics are in the Finals…. and they're playing the Lakers… and its happening tonight!!!"


"GAME 1 IS TONIGHT!!!!!!!"

Seriously. I'm giddy. I've got butterflies.  I can't imagine what its like to be playing.  I can barely sit still. 

At this point… I can only reiterate that we think the C's are going to win.  We think the D is too much and the rest of the country will remember (again) that defense wins championships.  The Lakers D is soft… and won't stop the Celtics.  We're not going to say it all again.  All I know is… the NBA Finals start tonight… and its happening in Boston. 

What else needs to be said?

I said plenty in this Finals preview podcast.  One my main points was about how good this is for Paul… and why he hasn't gotten the respect he deserves

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(Photo:  Boston Herald)

Happy Birthday Dad

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  • Matty S.


  • shows the fantastic T&G cartoon from this morning. I’m with you, too jittery to sit still. This is going to FREAKIN FANTASTIC!!!

  • G4L

    I have no clue… I’m trying to think of something funny but I can’t.

  • MA

    Maybe a variation of The Cobra for teammates only?

  • papa irish

    do you see gabe pruitt being the backup point gaurd ext year?
    i did before the playoffs started now im desperately hoping they bring eddie back
    and that they get kevin love, stephen alexander, and chase budinger in the draft (unrealistic i know, pipe dreams)
    but for now