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The “Rondo’d” Ads

The "You got Rondo'd" ads will officially be released Thursday… but thanks to Chris over The Sporting Blog… we've got the early look.  This one is JoJo White sticking it to two Hummer drivers… and walking away like a total badass.  The Vince Wilfork and Dee Brown ads are after the jump

Vince Wilfork:

Dee Brown:

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  • Damn Man

    I think JoJo just earned a role in a badass cop movie!

  • repete

    Jo Jo is a natural. Dee Brown the dentist is pretty good, too.

  • bjtitzenbier

    These are great! Rondo is the bomb

  • lakerhater

    Go Redsarmy Go! By the way, they say OJ Simpson gets pretty pissied when you call him a murderer so don’t feel to bad flamer.
    Duke boy’s? Daisy is family that doesn’t count.

  • G4L

    No…. Its still not old yet!

  • Oh… so when you pretend Rondo rapes a person in the shower… it’s “ha ha… I made a funny gay joke”
    But when I make fun of an incident that might have actually happened… you get all indignant.

  • psquared

    These are hot! Vince Wilfork is always at the games, good to see him in it. I hope Derek Fisher gets Rondo’d bigtime!

  • timS

    Cool to see Reebok’s repping their hometown player. Go Rajon!

  • Josh

    I’m not an expert on licensing or anything like that, but why are the other team’s uniforms distorted. You think Reebok could shell out a few extra bucks to make an ad campaign that is going to be shown during what will probably be a finals with high ratings look a little more professional.

  • Tim (FD)

    Jo Jo is the best actor of the bunch.