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Phil Must Be Stopped

phil jackson

This is fate.  This is how its supposed to be.  Phil Jackson… currently tied with Red Auerbach with 9 NBA championships… must beat Red's Celtics to claim the top spot on the list.

And here's a memo to the players:  This matters to us.

I'd rather watch '2 girls 1 cup' with my mom than watch Phil Jackson beat the Celtics and pass Red to become the most successful NBA coach of all time.  Phil can't win #10 this way.  Not against the Celtics.  Not after this season.  No way.

The coaches and the players have to put the focus in the right place:

Rivers distanced himself from the issue Monday and Pierce followed suit yesterday.

“It’s not about Red and Phil,” said Pierce. “It’s about the Celtics and the Lakers.”

But they should know… Celtics fans want this prevented at all costs… and Lakers fans want this to happen here more than anywhere else.  

Speaking of coaching… Doc Rivers might have an interesting choice to make in these Finals.  Will Tony Allen come in to guard Kobe Bryant?  TA made some kind of miraculous recovery from an ankle injury (which went like this:  Tony hurt his ankle… said he can't play… doctors say he's fine… and suddenly he realizes he's fine.  Tony doesn't need doctors… he needs the Jedi mind trick).  So he could be considered an option on the defensive end.  In my opinion, the only way he sees time is if he's their last hope.  He's too much of a liability on offense right now.

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  • Jester00

    New greatest line ever “I’d rather watch ‘2 girls 1 cup’ with my mom than watch Phil Jackson beat the Celtics and pass Red to become the most successful NBA coach of all time.”
    I argee 100% .But I think it is time to start pregame drinking though ……….BOTTOM LINE LAKERS CAN’T MATCH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celtics in 6, enjoy the ride boys and girls

  • Has anyone forgotten that Jackson can not really be compared to Red? Red’s titles came from coaching one team, Jackson’s would be from two teams. That’s a whole different kind of legacy.

  • Dave

    “I’m a Laker fan”
    Really? I would have never guessed from your hourly posts.
    “Laker fans don’t give a shit about Jackson passing Red with 9…we want 17” “C-fans cling to the past, while the Lakers move to the future”
    Forget the fact that you speak for all Laker fans, but isn’t that an oxymoron? You want to pass our total historic championships. How is that not clinging to the past?