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Keep Shooting Kobe

RedsArmyAdmin June 4, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Keep Shooting Kobe

kobe bryantIt's a big question:  How will the Celtics defend Kobe Bryant?

The answer might be… to let him keep shooting.

Regular Season Results

20 Or More Field Goal Attempts: 26-18, .591

19 Or Less Field Goal Attempts: 31-7, .816

Playoff Results

20 Or More Field Goal Attempts: 6-3, .667

19 Or Less Field Goal Attempts: 6-0, 1.000

The more shots he takes… the less the rest of the team is involved in the offense.   That means Lamar Odom is more likely to drift off… and the Euros are more likely to whine about not shooting (which makes them more likely to jack up ugly shots when they DO touch the ball). 

So keep shooting, Kobe.  Maybe we'll get an added bonus of you yelling angrily at your teammates

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  • Hgo

    nice, I”ll go alone with your daddy then 😉

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Touched a nerve huh inferno? You WILL hear BEAT LA, BEAT LA and it won’t give you goose bumps, but may bring a tear to your eye when you realize that is exaclty what is happening.
    NO MEANS NO will just be a little icing on the cake, an instant classic for sure.

  • The Kid

    Well said Dave. Laker fans need to realize that we’d rather not spend out time dwelling on Kobe, but I can’t turn on the radio, the TV, or get on the Internet without hearing how indcredible his transformation is, or how much like MJ he is (maybe better to some people), or how he’s become a leader. I even think one report on the radio mentioned that he cured cancer.

  • bigmck

    but Kobe is the best ever. if the Lakers lose, the media will blame anyone but Kobe, even if he shoots 22%.