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“I Thought My Days As A Celtic Were Pretty Much Over”

paul pierceScott Souza has a few notes coming out of what is becoming a growing media circus… which is to be expected. 

The one thing that stuck out to me was Paul Pierce… talking about the offseason conversations he had with Kobe.

“Neither of us thought we’d be back on our teams. … I thought it was time to move on and do something about it. I thought my days as a Celtic were pretty much over.”

Then Souza puts its it all perfectly:

The difference, of course, is that Pierce expressed himself to the Celtics management, while Bryant did a full media tour where he trashed teammates and said he would rather “play on Pluto.”

It goes to show the difference between those two players.  One guy has 3 rings, and was willing to trade away guys who have been key contributors this season.  The other has spent 10 frustrating years in a franchise that as been in disarray.  But Paul kept quiet and talked only to management.  Kobe was all over the web… telling people to "go buy a Bulls Jersey" and "Dr. Buss is an idiot."

One other thing of note from the Zen master… regarding this season's C's-Lakers matchups.  I don't know if he's kidding here.

"The game in late December was much more reflective of the team. However, we wore those short shorts that night and lost our attitude early in the game. I think the guys got a little tight.”


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  • Matty S.

    WOW that IS messed up!

  • who da guy

    all i know is ive always loved the celtics since my uncle pete, who is from boston showed me some tapes of bird. Im in fucking israel right now because of my work, and the finals are on at 4:00 in the morning. But here’s the thing, Israel doesn’t have ABC, and on the nba.com internation broadcast site it says they will air it on espnIsrael, but on my israeli tivo it doesn’t say that its going to be on. So whether your a lakers fan or a celtics fan, you should be happy your going to get to watch it, and at a resonable hour. If its not on tv, im gonna have to listen to one of the greatest NBA finals series to come around in a long time on my radio. =(

  • Ajay

    i know this is made by a laker fan but (LD2K the greatest to make lakers mixes) then you should not even be a Laker or Celtic fan