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Pierce Needs Some Sleep

Is it me or does Paul Pierce look a bit odd in this photo from practice? He looks like a wax figurine. I guess the pressure of the finals can do that to a man. Does us all a favor Truth and get plenty of rest the next few nights. Check out some more pics from practice, after the jump. For all the ladies and FireDoc, there's a photo of a shirtless Ray Allen. I also threw in a great pic of Kobe's wife for good measure.

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  • papa irish

    why dont the lakers feel the need to play defense?

  • Tim (FD)

    I don’t ever watch hockey….. but that was an amazing game last night.

  • G4L

    Anyone see the Biohazard Bag in the Hand of the guy behind Kobes wife??
    Well that confirms that kobe’s post game ritual is the rapping of little girls. They were just trying to get getting rid of the evidence!
    “Rock on” Who says that.. Get a life!

  • Dave

    “Inferno Rock on Buddy Let’s show these bandwagons fan what REAL FANS ARE ABOUT! Lets Go Lakers”
    Wait and you guys are calling us losers?
    “I’ve been dishin’ it and takin’ it since the 80’s boys”‘
    Fascinating stuff, really. You L.A. people are so hard.
    “Is there an echo in here…?”
    Maybe. Most of us aren’t up all night getting our rocks off trying type trash like a 14 yr old, which I assume you are. It was 12:30AM. Just add 3 hrs to your time.
    So wouldn’t it be easier if you guys cooked up a chat room or something (do they still have those) and you can lol at each other and type each other off that much easier? Oh wait, I know, “this is much more fun.” Again…you call us losers???

  • ssshady35

    Boy these FAkers fans don’t have a life!! If they think that the C’s are going to let Kobe win a ring against this allstar group that we have they must be crazy. I just don’t get in the Fakers have not played against a team that has three allstar players that are still in their prime. I know people are going to say SAT had Duncan Ginobli and Parker but Ginobli was not 100% I think Duncan was tired and parker did all he could and their bench was no where to be found. I just can’t wait for the series to start, the C’s have not had this much rest since the end of the regular season. Good luck Celtics!!

  • who da guy

    I know one of the editors of the LA times, and he got see the pictures of the chicks ass that kobe raped, and he said it was just not right. She had to get major ass surgery, and every since then he has not been a kobe fan. I have not seen the pics, but my friend has always been reliable, plus there was that whole episode where kobe’s lawyers were saying the reason she felt like he was raping her was because he was “endowed” with a big one.

  • evan

    lakers fans, we all know you want to see jesus with his shirt off– celtics in 6 easy game

  • Jason

    i hope they change it to phil jackson’s trophy after he gets his 10th ring and trashes red’s record. haha.

  • C stands for chumps

    paul pierce is on crack. I can’t believe the COTY trophy is STILL called the red aurbach trophy. He’s like VHS in today’s era.
    celtics suck

  • Ajay

    Inferno Rock on Buddy Let’s show these bandwagons fan what REAL FANS ARE ABOUT! Lets Go Lakers

  • The Truth will get the rest that he needs and he will be ready to go for Game 1, because unlike another superstar who will remain nameless (cough Kobe) Paul Pierce will be home attending to his family, while Kobe will be out “hitting” the town if you know what I mean.
    Hey Kobe Boston girls are way hotter then LA girls, you might not know what to do with yourself…but the C’s will have your number on Thursday night, so fear not.

  • twistedmisfit

    Hey bigmck….you said:
    C’mon JTB – this is a family friendly web site.
    bigmck – June 2, 2008 at 9:40 pm
    You serious? Redsarmy family friendly? You must think you are over on Celticsblog. Douchebag is as common here as and, the, and is.

  • OK boys…jtb, I think I secretly love you butt (hmm, cough cough) you had to go there?
    Can I just point out that Paul is a new dad? And he’s hit a career high. As a gal who gave birth while hitting her big career blah blah blah no one give asheatt blah blah…he deserves to look tired. By Thursday he’ll be our good ole boy again.
    KG should be looking tired about now, too. Some of you guys HAVE to know what I’m talking about.

  • jtb

    Another internet tough guy. You’re pathetic.

  • bigmck

    C’mon JTB – this is a family friendly web site.

  • Ryan (UNC332)

    That was the best post in the history of Redsarmy.