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Breaking News: Adande, Smith Still Blowing Kobe

Kobe Bryant is more than a basketball player, he's an American hero. At least that's what ESPN wants us to believe. Our favorite ball-washers continue to fawn over Mr. Bryant. Here are some excerpts from their latest blowjobs columns.

He has rebounded from the sexual assault charges of 2003, his role in the departures of Shaquille O'Neal and Phil Jackson in 2004 (it's doubtful he actually issued a them-or-me ultimatum, but he never did campaign for their return), the Lakers' absence from the 2005 playoffs, his second-half shutdown in Game 7 of the 2006 playoffs, and then his blasting of his bosses and teammates on the radio and Internet in the summer of 2007. Any one of those events had the potential to be permanent career ballast. They could have defined him, or even broken him. Instead Bryant keeps floating away.

Hey J.A. Adande, you know why Bryant keeps "floating away?" Because frauds like you gave him pass after pass after pass. He's always been divisive and selfish. But because he gave you his cell number and calls you a "buddy," you're willing to forgive. Now for Stephen A. Smith's rim job:

Can't blame Bryant for focusing on the present one bit. After years of being maligned — even being booed at the Lakers' home opener this season — he averaged 28.3 points, locked up the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference playoffs, captured league MVP honors, catapulted the Lakers to the NBA Finals, shut up the naysayers and resurrected a once-pristine image.

Years of being maligned? Did I slip into a coma for two years when this happened? The answer is no, because it never did. The dude threw a hissy fit, demanded a trade and was booed for one game. What a tragedy.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    AND he got his ass kicked by Chris Childs and Reggie Miller, fights Kobe started too. AND he cried when the Spurs kicked their ass. Yes he is the biggest baby and most spoiled brat whos ever played this game.

  • GGreen


  • Ajay

    hey the kid please STFU mind your own damn business