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You Got Rondo’d

RedsArmyAdmin June 2, 2008 Uncategorized 7 Comments on You Got Rondo’d

rajon rondo

Rondo'd (rŏn'dō'd) v.: moving smoothly between larger objects, being able to remove an object quickly and efficiently, or creating a distraction with a swift change of direction

That's the Reebok definition anyway.

Its part of an ad campaign that Reebok will be debuting online and in The Garden for the Finals. 

Reebok filmed three commercials in Canton over the weekend with former Celtics Jo Jo White and Dee Brown and Patriots star Vince Wilfork. The spots will be shown online and in TD Banknorth Garden during the Finals. The first one shows a small car sliding between two Hummers into a parking spot. The drivers of the Hummers stick their heads out of their cars in disgust. Then White gets out of the small car and says, "Sorry, fellas, you just got Rondo'd." The second ad shows Brown as a dentist, wearing a surgical mask. After pulling a tooth from a satisfied and surprised patient, Brown says, "It's OK. I Rondo'd it. You'll be fine." The last commercial shows Wilfork and some of his teammates watching a game, with one slice of pizza left. Wilfork points out a window and says, "Hey, check it out, a parade!" While they look, Wilfork eats the last slice. A teammate says, "Vince, did you just Rondo my slice?" Another adds, "Dude, we totally got Rondo'd."

For example… Steve Nash got Rondo'd in this gameChris Paul got Rondo'd all night long a few months ago.  Derron Williams got Rondo'd too.  The Lakers are about to really get Rondo'd… because there's no way D-Fish is quick enough to handle it… and there's no way that 3-marshmallow front line will step up to do anything about it.

I'm going to be away for the next couple of days.  I expect the rest of you to pick up the slack and back Chuck up in the face of ridiculous statements and delusions of victory by the hoards of Lakers flocking to our site.  They'll be the ones who disappear after the C's take a 3-1 lead in this series.

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  • Lakerhater

    You’ve convinced me. I’m going to stop dwelling on the fact that Kobe is a mean… scared a young girl into withdrawing her…was aquitted. I mean, he’s probably out on the golf course with OJ looking for the real rapist. That being said, he’s an overated douche with a suspect surrounding cast, sort of like Jamarcus Russell.

  • inferno

    I think that program is called…Dr. Karalis and Nurse McKenney are taking good care of me…on thursday i go to my happy place…
    I became a Laker fan in the 70’s when Kareem was traded there…I was 5 or so and dressed in home yellow he reminded me of Big Bird…I’ve been a fan ever since…

  • rvr

    yeah, bringing up the rape case is pretty lame, for sure. i don’t condone that at all. but responding in kind is never worth it, just let it go.
    as for growing up in r.i. in the 80s and becoming a lakers fan, that is seriously messed up. you should look into therapy, i think there’s a program for that….

  • Warwick (or was it Cranston?) must have been one fucked up place. You became a Lakers fan… Chuck’s a Steelers fan.
    What the hell was in the water there?
    You don’t see that kind of shit Pawtucket.

  • LakersAlldayandnight

    you think its gonna be easy huh redsarmy? Fuck that. We’ll give you a hell of a series and put you to sleep

  • betterlucknextyear

    boston almost lost against atlanta a 30+ winning team
    la sweeped denver a 50+ winning team
    boston almost lost to the one man team of lebron
    la beat the best home record in the nba at home in 6 (another 50+ win team if i may)
    boston beats the jammed billups and rip
    la dethroned the defending champs
    all your reply and this post is biased for the celtics. i am not couting out your boston squad but wake up buddy. maybe your just watching the celtics in the playoffs and not the lakers. oh yah, thats right. boston had many games than the lakers this post season (12-8). and i guess you dont get to see the lakers much coz theyve been killing their opponents and closing out the series right away.

  • bjtitzenbier

    Lakers got Rondo’d in game 1.