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Who’ll Guard Ray?

I've been harping on matchups everywhere when it comes to the Lakers and Celtics… so let's just dive into my biggest question:

Who will guard Ray Allen?

The Lakers have been starting Derek Fisher, Kobe, Odom, Gasol and Vlad Radmonovic.  Will they go with Fisher/Rondo, Kobe/Pierce, Odom/Ray?  That puts Gasol on KG… and me just typing that caused KG to pass out with delight.  KG would decimate Gasol.  Pau is as soft as it gets.  He's soft-serve ice cream on a hot day.  KG can do what he wants, when he wants with him.  So I have a hard time thinking they'll do that.

Would the Lakers consider Fisher/Rondo, Kobe/Ray and Odom/Pierce?  Still leaves them with KG on Gasol.  And don't forget Perk on Radmonovic.  Perk is strong enough to back him down. 

Jon Barry suggested Kobe/Rondo so Kobe could float around on D and double team.  I taped a segment last night for Around the Spectrum (which will air tonight at 7pm if you want to hear it) in which Zach Harper of FantasyInsiderOnline.com and TalkHoops.net said Odom on KG would be the best matchup for the Lakers.

Do you see where this is going?  Does anyone see a matchup here that favors the Lakers?  If its Odom on Ray… then can't you see Ray blowing by him and getting to the hoop at will?  If its Kobe on Ray… then can't you see Pierce doing the same to Odom?  And once those guys get past their defenders… is there ANYONE on the Lakers front line that frightens you?  Will the Lakers have to change their starting line up?  Will Turiaf start to bang with Perk?  Will Farmar or Vujacic start to give them another perimeter defender?   

If the Celtics are aggressive and attack the rim, they can probably average 105 ppg in these finals.  That's more than enough to win it all.

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And for those of you who want one more look back at the Eastern Conference Finals:  BostonSportz has a multi-video look back.  And for those of you who REALLY want to look back:  WhatIfSports put together an all-time Celtics and all-time Lakers team… and the Celtics won in 6.

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  • Thanks inferno and I’m sure that your tasteful apology is appreciated among these Celts fans.
    Lakers fan wrote that they will have Odom on Perkins the same way they had Odom on Oberto. There was a reason for that, it was because the Spurs didn’t have a single player that can match up against Odom. Robert Horry was there best shot at defending him and he couldn’t even do that, so Phil Jackson took advantage of that. I said that from the beginning that the series would be determined by Lamar.
    Let’s not forget that match ups don’t work one way. Each team has 5 guys and the coach decides which guy guards which guy on the opposing end. If Pau guards Perkins on one end, that doesn’t mean that KG can’t guard Pau on the other end while Perkins switches to Lamar. In fact, Lamar would be the best defender on KG, which I am sure we will use, and Pau will be the best defender on Perkins (in the starting line up because Ronny Turiaf actually matches up best with him). Also, this is a 7 game series, the coaches will make adjustments if they see that certain match ups aren’t going their way. Coaching advantage obviously goes to the Lakers, especially with how badly Doc has coached in the playoffs, and this will be a series of mind games, I’m sure.

  • inferno

    Spurs were old and injured…satisfied…we’re also missing our up and coming center who was having a break-out year…I haven’t mentioned that either …
    …as for the “worst call”…it was an obvious make up call…the DFish jumper hit the rim and the shot clock wasn’t reset…I’m sure no one here saw that either…
    Sorry rvr for my crude, distatsteful comments earlier regarding the homosexual player Rondo…by the way, what’s his middle name…??? Does it start with a “V”???
    Anyway…you won’t hear anymore hurtful words from me …keepin it clean from here…
    By the way…hell of a breakdown from Lakers Blog…learn something Redsarmy?

  • LakersFan

    Odom will not be on KG, they are going to do the same thing they did the series against the Spurs. They’ll put Odom on Perkins (like they put Odom on Oberto) so that he can help.

  • double P reppin the B

    Its pretty simple the matchup break down in my eyes
    fish rondo
    kb ray
    rad pierce
    odom KG
    gasol perk
    our clear advantage is on our 2 best players, pierce and KG, that is why we are saying that we have good matchups against your laker team, our 2 most dominate players are going to be guarded by players not nearly as talented offensively and defensively as yours, you have the clear advantage with kobe, no doubt, but ray can still shoot lights out and will force kobe to stay honest defensively and lets not forget the great and im not kidding great job ray did defensively in the 2 games we played against KB24 this year.. I CANNOT WAIT TIL THURSDAY IN BEANTOWN!!

  • Aingelives

    Defense wins championships bottom line the Celtics are better then the Lakers. The real ? is will Kobe continue to play team ball? Yes he is a team player or will his ego take over. By the way Ainge has the the advantage in his matchup.

  • Ajay

    rvr sorry for those laker fan ashing this site like that i used to be like that but i stopped now cause it just make’s our fan base look horrible

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We don’t have to worry about who’s guarding Ray if he’s not hitting his shots. He has looked good the last few games, so I hope that continues. I know he doesn’t like kobe and that usually motivates his game too.
    AND the only pressure defense they have is that spaz sasha. He may give Sam and Eddie some troubles, which is why I like Pierce bringing the ball up the court when Rondo is out.

  • rvr

    wow, could the lakers fans here have less class? “faggots”? “rondo is queer”? i mean, i really hope you’re not a representative sample of l.a. fans, you two, cuz you’re just pathetic. if you’d make your points without all the crap and insults you might get someone to listen. are you really so insecure that you have to base your arguments on sexual orientation? isn’t l.a. all open-minded and accepting of different lifestyles? please grow up, then maybe we can talk basketball. as it is, you’re an embarrassment to the lakers and their fans.

  • bigmck

    “it took you guys 7 games to beat a superstar and a band of role players”
    Lakersalldayandnight are you talking about the Cleveland series or the Lakers series? Cuz I got the C’s in 6 over Kobe and the Gang.

  • William

    Really, you’re going to play the Kwame Brown card? Show me where he is in this box score:
    He didn’t play and y’all lost by 13. You know who did play? A. Bynum, decent Center whose career may have been ended by the inept Lakers medical staff.
    Yeah, Brown played in this game:
    But he wasn’t the starter, Bynum was again.
    And before you claim that even Gasol is a massive upgrade over Bynum, try these numbers on for size:
    Gasol as a Laker – 0.624 TS% – 16.68 Net Possessions/48 Min
    Bynum – 0.646 TS% – 21.36 Net Possessions/48 Min
    Yes, if Bynum recovers fully the Lakers will be potent, but to completely throw out what happened in the regular season is a mistake. The Cs drank Bynum’s milkshake, and will do so to Gasol as well.
    Oh yeah, and we played pretty good defense on Kobe, he was 15-46 FG shooting in those two games. Geez, that’s LeBron-like brickatude.

  • Yeah…. Pau ‘held his own’ by letting Duncan average like 25 and 15 for the series. That’s real tough D.
    Like I said before: Kobe can score 40 for all I care. The Celtics will make it so he’s taking nothing but jumpers. There’s no way the rest of the Lakers have the sack to step up and score more than 50 a game.
    Meanwhile… the softest front line in the league (Gasol, Radmanovic, Odom) will get abused all night long.

  • Josh

    I really hope Kobe goes off in this series. I really hope he averages 40 a game and shoots like 60% Because I don’t want the media to take anything away from the Celtics win this thing. I want them to show the world they can beat the team with “the best player in the world” playing at his best level.

  • LakersAlldayandnight

    How the fuck is this gonna be like the cavs series dumbass. Oh and btw have any of you faggots actually seen us play in the playoffs. Well ive seen you bitches play and it sure was hilarious
    lets go over the recap WHY e are favorites
    1. Lakers 4 Denver 0; Celtics 4 Atlanta 3
    we beat a 50 win playoffs team in 4 games, whereas the “best team in the leauge” was taken to 7 games by a 37 win atlanta hawks team!!!!!!
    2. Lakers 4 Utah 2 Celtics 4 Cavs 3
    Again we defeated a 54 win team in 6 ON THEIR FLOOR and it took you guys 7 games to beat a superstar and a band of role players
    3. Lakers 4 Spurs 1 Celtics 4 Pistons 2
    Do i have to say more? We dethroned the champions, you beat, uh, an inconsistent pistons team that could have easily beat you but the didnt turn on their damn switch
    I’ll give you one in your favor so you dont go bitching
    Lakers 0 Celtics 2
    but, you did this when we didnt have a superstar in Pau Gasol, and we had a bum at our center(Kwame Brown)
    So no bitches stop saying you’ll beat us that easily. like inferno said, how the fuck are you gonna stop us from scoring 100 a night. And Kobe isnt gonna let a bunch of fags like you win

  • Mike

    Isn’t this straightforward?
    Pierce-[the equivalent of a fart]
    I guess they could try starting Turiaf (putting him on KG) and move Odom to covering Pierce; personally I never saw how that would work. I mean I can just see a KG/Pierce pick n roll; if they switch they’re really screwed and if they don’t well Pierce will have the jumper or be able to turn the corner (just watch out for flopping fish in the lane).
    Btw, just so you don’t think Jon Barry had an original idea, Jeff Van Gundy posited the same thing about Kobe on Rondo right after game 6 of the ECF.

  • LakersFan

    Lakers Blog – I see where you are coming from and I think Odom would do a much better job defending KG. However, Odom is possibly the best help big man in the NBA. He admits to leading the league in defense 3 in the key, but goes on to say that you could ask any Laker and they will tell you he is always there to help. I think they will put Odom on Perkins and Pau on KG because Pau’s length can disrupt KG’s shot (especially the fade away) and because it will allow LO to rome around, helping on not only KG but also either Pierce or Allen (whoever Rad is on).

  • Braddymac

    Have Lamar cheat off Perk. We are at our best when we force teams to double our stars so they can make the extra pass. Plenty of easy lay-ups or open jumpers to be made.
    LA plays an inferior defense. People get caught up with match-ups. Match-ups are an individual concept. Holes will need to be plugged on both sides. The difference is when we help we get back better than any team in the league. What we learned playing against Joe Johnson and King James has prepared us perfectly for Kobe and CO. Furthermore we play far better defense at home… which brings us to….
    The purple and gold will have to deal with starting a series on the road. Win first two and Celtics should be able to grab 1 of the middle three in LA, where Truth will be an assassin. This sets everything up for a great 2 game Green-takes-all home stand.
    Boston in 6

  • Aingelives

    I did predict Utah in 6 I was wrong stop living in the past yet we have the advantage at Gm-PG-SF-PF-FB {Fanbase}
    Goodguys in 7