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Paul Pierce Is A Hall of Famer

If Paul Pierce, Mr. Los Angeles, managed to make his way onto the Lakers instead of the Celtics… and Kobe Bryant were the long-suffering player who is making it to his first Finals…. the media would be blowing Pierce while we sat here and made "he's a Hall of Famer" arguments for Kobe.

Unfortunately for Paul, this IS his first finals.  And thankfully for us, we weren't subjected to Kobe Bryant for 10 years.  But the sad fact for The Truth is that the decisions of management past had forced the Celtics into media obscurity… and Paul's accomplishments… achieved with virtually no help… have been dismissed by the public as a whole.

When all is said and done, Paul Pierce WILL be a Hall of Famer… especially after he gets his ring this year.

Paul Pierce is one of the greatest scorers in Boston Celtics history.  He's on a pace to challenge John Havlicek as the team's all-time leading scorer.

Paul will turn 31 at the beginning of next season.  His scoring dipped a little this season, but even if he plays 5 more years scoring as much as he did this season, his career total will be between 24,000 and 25,000.  That would put him in the top 15 all time.  If he could continue another season or two… he could conceivably challenge Havlicek's 26,395.  That's not just Hall of Fame territory… that's first-ballot territory. 

By contrast… I'm pretty sure Scottie Pippen is going to get into the Hall of Fame… and he's not even at 19,000 career points.  But because he rode the coattails of the greatest player ever to 6 rings… he'll get in.  But Paul Pierce… often with no help and in deplorable situations (a.k.a. The Rick Pitino Era)… showed up and played.  He was nearly killed in September of 2000, yet he didn't miss a single game of the 2000-01 AND 2001-02 seasons (and, oh by the way, averaged 25 and 26 points a game). 

Paul PIerce has Hall of Fame heart… and credentials.  People around the country are finally starting to see it.  And when the Celtics give him a ring this year… there will be no denying it.

(this is in direct response to this little blurb).

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  • kobeblows

    Can you get intoxicated off a bowl of clam chowder?

  • GREAT POST!!! I couldn’t agree more. If Pierce had help around him, he would right now be considered among the greatest players of all time.
    Bob Ryan said this morning on the Sports Reporters that Paul Pierce was one of, if not THE greatest scorer in the history of the Boston Celtics. I am not sure if I agree with that, but he certainly should be a hall of famer.
    GO CELTS!!

  • If Dominique Wilkins and Clyde Drexler are first ballot hall of famers, then there is almost no conceivable argument that can be made that Paul Pierce is not also a first ballot hall of famer.
    You cannot punish Pierce for being forced to play under some of the most horrible conditions in the NBA for more then half of his career. When the national media suddenly realized how great Paul was they all thought he had changed his game somehow, the fact is that people are just suddenly paying attention to what is happening in Boston because the team isn’t horrendous any longer.

  • Jason

    wow lakerhater, great comment! how old are you? 10?

  • Man, reading those comments was a marathon.
    I’m going to sidestep this whole Finals debate to focus on what the post was really about, and that’s PP’s chance at the Hall. And oh, he will be. Book it.
    According to basketball-reference (, Pierce stands at about an 87% probability of making the HoF – and that’s assuming they don’t win the title this year, and assuming he doesn’t do anything of import for the rest of his career.
    I think a lot of people commenting are overestimating how difficult it is to make the HoF, especially for a player like Pierce who was also a solid college player (remember that it’s the Basketball Hall of Fame, not the NBA Hall of Fame). Pierce has put up good numbers his entire career, is a six-time all-star, and now has had some playoff success. Think about this – if Pierce continues to score at say, 1500 points a season for the next two seasons, he will be just 2,000 behind Allen Iverson at the same age. Iverson is a lock to make the Hall, and if Pierce plays longer than AI does or stays productive longer (a real possibility due to AI’s style of play) it’s likely he’d catch him in points. Thinking about it that way, how is it that Pierce won’t make the Hall?

  • kobeisnice(formerly kobeblows)


  • papairish

    at least pierce didnt cost his team a championship, as kobe did when playing with shaq, payton, and the mailman

  • Ajay

    this is too funny boston herald is predicting lakers to beat boston in 6 damn this is what you call a hometown paper
    “Kobe Bryant is a wonderful player. I am extraordinarily excited about watching him lead the Lakers against the Celtics in the NBA Finals that begin Thursday. I fully expect a classic performance, and I firmly believe he will lead the Lakers to a championship in six games with the final game on the Celtics’ home court.”

  • anoni

    lakerhater, where did u learn to be so witty?