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B-B-Bye Bye, Dee-troit

I must admit, after Detroit dropped 31 on the Celtics in the 3rd quarter and Bennett Salvatore robbed Paul Pierce of a 4-point play by calling the worst offensive foul in the history of the NBA, I started preparing some negative rants for this blog. While I may have quit, the Celtics surely didn't. A 23-6 run turned a 10-point deficit into a 7 point lead. Pierce (27 pts, 8 reb) dropped 13 huge points but there were so many key plays by different players.

-Rajon Rondo with a big steal off Rasheed Wallace with 5 minutes left and his 20-footer with 2:33 to go gave the C's the 7 point lead, 83-76.

-James Posey stole the ball from Tayshaun Prince after Detroit gained possession down 4 with 1:39 left. This was the play that broke Detroit's back.

-Kendrick Perkins swatted away a Chauncey Billups layup with 1:23 to go.

-Doc Rivers deserves credit for playing James Posey instead of Ray Allen for most of the 4th quarter.

-My favorite scene: Watching those lame-ass Pistons fans quitting on their team, leaving the arena with Detroit down just 6 points with :35 left.

Box Score | Recap

Here's a few other pictures from the post-game celebrations:

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  • I wonder if this was the 6 game sweep Detroit Bad Boy wass talking about?

  • LakersAlldayandnight

    You bitches when we beat you in 5 (at most 6) you better stop insulting us lakers fans.
    Oh and to that bitch Tim. You are just a fucking hater that’s gonna go on a huge tantrum when we crush your asses in 6

  • another tim

    i just thinks it’s real gay that ‘lakersalldayandnight’ ended a post with a smiley face.
    and kobe is clearly a rapist just like oj did it.

  • Braddymac

    First off congrats to both Lakers and Celtics for making this dream rematch possible. The Rivalry is (finally) alive and well again. The C’s are putting it all together at the perfect time and definitely need this rest after 20 games in 40 nights. Now on to predictions/ food for thought….
    More than anything else Boston will expose Lakers front line as soft. Perk just needs to stay out of foul trouble and Ticket must catch the ball close/ in the post. Kobe does and should scare any Boston fan. But Pierce has shown his ability to take over a game of late. KG and Co’s defense should rule the day. **Absolute must will be our close outs of their perimeter players and winning the boards.**
    Also the purple and gold will have to deal with starting a series on the road. Win first two and Celtics should be able to grab 1 of three in LA, where Truth will be an assassin. This sets everything up for a great 2 game Green-takes-all home stand.
    Celtics in 6.

  • Tim (FD)

    “LakersAlldayandnight” – There was no trial you uneducated sucker. But what do you expect from a Lakers fan.

  • davecowens

    Innocent? Maybe, but he’s still an asshole for cheating on his wife. He’s no role model, that’s for damn sure. And one year ago today, you Laker fans wanted him gone so you could rebuild around your youth. Can’t wait to see softie Gasol get OWNED by KG. Kobe can score all he wants, the rest of the matchups go to the C’s.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Those last defensive plays Reds mentioned were amazing. Defense wins championships. My confidence in the Celts is renewed and I really like our chances now. Let’s get game one and game seven if we need it. GO CELTICS!! BEAT LA, BEAT LA, BEAT LA!
    Be worried LakersAllgayandbite, go ahead and post your predictions. Cavs in 6, yawner series…but your next with your “you will not beat us”

  • The Bad Boys

    oh well you fools, the greens got through detroit, but i will be happy to know that you will lose to the lakers. hard to argue against them since they went through the defending champ spurs when everyone in green nation were saying that the spurs were going to easily beat the lakers. so i ain’t the only one predicting wrongly, ya’ll also didnt predict well with the lakers.

  • AL

    Awesome 4th quarter by them all – kudos to Doc for the Posey call, great game by Rondo tonight even though his numbers aren’t startling. Pierce 13 pts in the 4th, KG 8, won’t forget the Posey steal and the Pierce spin move 3 pt play for a while…….

  • Ajay

    Just calm down this goes to all laker fan and boston fan (even though I am not a celtic fan) please nobody should be talking shit, regular season doesn’t mean anything For Boston beat LA chants I understand cause we are the most hated franchise in the NBA 🙂 . And to all my laker fan please don’t talk shit this just make us look bad just predict the series and back it up with reasonable info if the is vaildated

  • aingelives


  • William

    Great game tonight, in the end. I guess Detroit was resigned to ‘live by the questionable officiating, die by the questionable officiating.’
    It would have been quite disheartening to have lost a close one.
    Bring on the Lake Show.
    (So we’re going to use THE MAN from Minnesota to beat the team from Minnesota? Awesome.)

  • Josh

    Let me be the first to say it:
    BEAT LA!
    This series sure was a yawner though…
    If you haven’t seen this already scroll down to the 3rd video/song down “Memories Can Happen”

  • G4L

    Its a wrap DEEEEETROOITTT Doughbags!!!
    Bring it Fakers!

  • Curt Hays

    Rereading OLD posts, and everyone mentioned in this one was actually a Celtic at some point!