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A Lot Of People Will Be Wrong

Ladies and Gentlemen… the picks are in.  Not a lot of green in there, huh? 

So there it is… the Celtics are officially the big underdog.  The 66 win, #1 in defense, 3-headed offensive threat Celtics are expected to be a mere speedbump to the one-man offenisve show that plays mediocre defense. 

A lot of people are going to have to explain why they were so wrong.  We're going to see a lot of "in the end… the matchups just favored the Celtics" being written around the country.  We just happen to be saying it now.  The matchups favor the Celtics.

My favorite part about that graphic is that its sitting next to an Accuscore graphic showing the Celtics as 53% to 47% favorites in game 1 after running 10,000 simulations. 

Thanks to Josh for bringing this up in the comments.

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  • Dre

    66 wins as a result of a cake-walk conference where teams like the Atlanta Hawks can take you to seven games.
    #1 in defense that didn’t so much as prevent a terrible offense from extending a series to the very last moment (See Cleveland).
    3-headed offensive threat, that rarely comes to the fight at the same time. Remember, there’s only one basketball.
    I love being the underdog… and I enjoy fans, but let’s temper a little of what we say with reality.

  • Ben-T

    Got a link to the accuscore thing?

  • dicky

    LA Fans chant “M-V-P” Celtics fans chant “Sev-en-teen”

  • Ben-T:
    Left hand column, mid-page

  • davecowens

    Hahaha. That’s a joke. Rondo Average 2.0 Offensive boards in the conference finals. He nearly matched Gasol.
    Someone’s going to be yelling “faggot” often on Thursday night.
    Read over the Kobe case on The Smoking Gun. Not only is the rape a disgusting event on its own, but Kobe’s attempt to snitch on Shaq is perhaps the biggest b*tch move in recent memory. It truly shows that he is a self-serving douche.
    BEAT LA!

  • Ben-T

    Gasol averaged 2.3 offensive rebounds and 5.6 defensive.
    Perkins is a joke? You obviously do not watch basketball, or haven’t watched the playoffs.
    And Derek Fisher is too slow to keep up with Rondo over seven games.

  • droopy

    celts in 6…. THAT IS ALL

  • cesmigs

    I’m not gonna watch the Finals. I have a feeling my Celtics will be blown out by these Fakers. Don’t want to see the agony of defeat.

  • Jason

    Celtic fans have no class. none at all.

  • Lakers Fan

    I decided to check this site out again to see what there was to say about the Lakers. I’d just like to say it’s a bit childish to just spend time insulting the Lakers and already crowning the Celts the champs. I am not going to say the Lakers have already won or will win, because I think there’s a good chance they’ll lose. However, there is also a good chance they’ll win. All I’m saying is report about you’re team and give facts about the others, don’t spend time insulting the other team and brining up useless information. It makes all the Celtics fans look bad.

  • davecowens

    i’m from RI shit-stain and I’ve read about 40 books…this year…and not the kind with bubble captions or naked women…although there were afew of those too
    Oh yeah, well I’ve read about 80. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.
    RI? Ouch
    You need to be 21 in Mass to drink legally. So I guess I’ll have to wait about seven years for you to get in a bar. However, I know some good ones in Quincy that will let underage kids drink. How’s your fake ID? How tall are you?

  • Zinedine Zidane

    hmm….Lakers of the 80’s considered the up-tempo, more explosive team led by the games best (Magic). Lost to a closeknit squad of rebounders and defenders led by one of the greatest competitors the game has known.
    What’s changed, exactly?
    (true) Laker fan sees that and worries. (true) Celtic fan sees that and hopes Garnett doesn’t sprain both ankles like Chief did. That would end things quickly.
    Give me lunchpail squad any day.

  • …in DC

    Kobe is a sensational ballplayer but I can’t believe the national media has drank the Laker kool-aid, and are now saying Kobe is better than Jordan.
    The fact is: the Eastern Conference is a much more physical brand of basketball. And that’s the kind of hoop the C’s will be playing against LA. Don’t these so called “experts” understand that a great defense always beats a great offense?
    The most recent example of this was when Detroit (the Larry Brown coached team) beat the Lakers in the finals a few years back. L-A was heavily favored, and the Wallace brothers just took it to ’em…and that’s when Shaq was around.
    I expect Garnett and Perkins to enjoy as much success against the Lakers as they did against the Pistons.
    Gasol is a great player (Before the big three, I was hoping the Celts could get him), but he’s not a real physical presence underneath the basket.
    As for the benches, Boston’s should be better. Posey, Brown, Sam (or Eddie) and hopefully more minutes for Leon Powe. While L-A make have depth…I see the C’s as having more QUALITY depth.
    Everyone is saying it was the toughest Western Conference playoffs EVER. Please. Just because most of the teams were within a few games of one another, doesn’t mean they were all great. Look at Houston–didn’t they have a 20 something game winning streak at one point? Houston??!!!!! Are you kidding me? Once the Celtics came to town, we saw how long that streak lasted.
    My point is…the eastern conference is more of test. Sure, there are bad teams. But the fact that the C’s withstood every test bodes well for the immediate future.
    Go Boston!