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Order Now… You Know… Just In Case

Beat LA shirtWe have some unfinished business with the Pistons… but unfortunately… UPS doesn't have a teleporter.  So you should get your orders in now for our "Beat LA" and "Anti-Kobe" shirts.

Economy shipping (7-9 days for delivery) costs $5.  Standard shipping (4-6 days) is $7. 

If you are so afraid of jinxes that you want to pretend I didn't even post this, then you can wait until Saturday and pay for Premium shipping (3-4 days), but that's $13. 

 anti kobe shirt

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  • Relax jesusjuice.
    There’s absolutely nothing about the Patriots book, or our TShirts, will influence the play. And I’ve said time and time again that we have to finish the job with Detroit. Its not like I’m breaking down matchups… we’re selling shirts.
    Jinxes don’t exist… end of story.

  • jesusjuice

    the illustrious boston globe did the same thing when it debated the patriots parade date before they won. Thought your blog had some more common sense.
    as a diehard celtics fan im befuddled at your memory, Detroit has built a reputation for coming back as an underdog. do me a favor and stop jinxing the f’ning team. Even if you aren’t superstitious you are being way to caviler.
    oh and eddie house? yeah just encourage doc to start tinkering with the rotation again like hes trying to discover some algorithmic equation. starters should start and play virtually the whole game, thats why they are starters and thats why all they do is play basketball for a living.

  • Ajay

    Lol no use those shirt’s will be remeber as lakers beating Boston in 5

  • Tim (FD)

    Yeah, I can’t wait for the rebrith of this rivalry either.

  • froggy

    I’m for the no jinxing of the celtics so put that away. But back to the Pistons, I can almost bet that the pistons will be trapping the celtics backcourt early and often, so celts really need to come out running tomorrow night to get an early lead and hold the pistons off. Ok assuming celts do win tomorrow of course we play those scum bag lakers. I feel we match up great against them and one key thing is lakers have no defense unlike the boston celtics which has is the best defensive team in the league. Rondo will be able to handle Mr.Fisher and allen will score easily with what’s his name keeping an eye on him. Kobe and Pierce will be matched up and as history shows these two always go at it so there wont be no big deal there. Gasol and Odom will switch on and off with K.G. but both are great excuses for weak defense’s. Perkins will probably have to luxury of guarding Gasol which is a height advantage but perking should hold his ground. I say celts in 6 against those lakers but lets get to pistons. Break the trap equals victory tomorrow.