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Let’s Blow It Up

RedsArmyAdmin May 30, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Let’s Blow It Up

A win tonight could do more than just put the Celtics in the NBA Finals. 

It could blow the team up.

After six consecutive trips to the Eastern Conference finals, Detroit only has two trips to the NBA Finals and one NBA title to show for it.

So many close calls, year after year, may prompt team president of basketball operations Joe Dumars to do more than just tweak his roster this summer.

And it's not just the players who might be on their way out.

Saunders inherited a team that advanced to the NBA Finals back-to-back seasons before his arrival. Now in his third season, the Pistons have never been past the conference finals.

It would give me great satisfaction if the Celtics could force the Pistons to scrap things and start over.  These players have a lot of miles on them.  They can't maintain this level for much longer.

Meanwhile… Doc Rivers is taking a shot at his critics:

“I like what we’ve done,” he said. “I coach the way I coach. I’ve always laughed at some of the criticism. I was joking with someone the other day, and I said, ‘Answer me this. Why would someone listen to a guy that hasn’t played, he hasn’t coached . . . some of the guys have never even been reporters, they’re bloggers, and not listen to a guy and his whole staff who have played and coached? Now who’s the fool? Me, or the people listening to them?’ ”

I wonder if Doc is referring at all to Red's Army?  We don't get on him nearly as much as other blogs do… but we share our opinion.  If it helps at all, Doc, I don't fall into that "hasn’t played, he hasn’t coached . . . some of the guys have never even been reporters" category.  I'll just leave it at that. 

Now will you give Eddie House some more time?

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  • Lakerhater

    jesteroo – You can beat on Doc all you want, but stay off Scallie. Detroit is sh*tting their pants right now knowing he’s been activated. It’s why the Spurs gave up. Scally’s back # 17 on the way.

  • jester00

    Doc sucks the sweat off a dead man’s balls. Saying he has something to do with those 66 wins is like saying Chuck Daly was a main reason the dream team won the gold. Where’s Eddie, where’s Leon????? look Doc started Scallie 9 Games this season, for that reason alone I think he is short a Chromosome!!!!!!!!!! I can say this because I was an asst girls College basketball coach………well that has nothing to do with……..I can say it because of the first amendment…….Celtic’s by 11, I’m late, I got to start drinking

  • Dave

    Well I think it’s too early for him to pat himself of the back. Keep your eye on the prize Doc, fuck the regular season.

  • truthaboutbarstool

    He didn’t say he can’t be criticized.
    He said people with no experience have opinions that don’t carry any weight compared to ACTUAL coaches and players and team staff.
    Gripe all you want about his rotations, about the plays he calls. His team went 66-16 and is now 1 win away from the NBA Finals, and he finished 2nd in the Coach of the Year voting. HE managed to get 3 absolute superstars to play TEAM basketball, and kept their egos in check. That alone is amazing.
    I think basically he was just telling all the idiot armchair coaches/blogger morons who hide behind keyboards to kindly shut the fuck up because you don’t have a fucking clue what you’re talking about.
    And he’s right.

  • Jon

    Dead men have sweaty balls? Gross!