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Hamilton Will Play

RedsArmyAdmin May 30, 2008 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Hamilton Will Play

Rip Hamilton says he's a go for Game 6

"I have no choice. This is do or die," Hamilton, who suffered a strained right elbow near the conclusion of the Pistons' Game 5 loss in Boston, said after the team's shootaround Friday.

"Once I get out there and the adrenaline is going, I'll be fine," Hamilton said. "I told my teammates, 'Don't look at me as handicap.' … I'm fine. I'm ready to roll."

Doesn't sound like he's very healthy to me.  Maybe its worth a good, hard foul to see how healthy that arm really is.

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  • nate

    The game had just been sealed. It was an act in my opinion, albeit maybe an unintentional one… like when a fielder looks for the hole in his glove after an error.

  • William

    I couldn’t really see why he would act though. It was excessive if it was meant to draw a foul (a la “checking for blood” like LeBron). Does anyone think he would act to get Rondo to foul earlier than he needed to, 8.2 versus 6.2 seconds left? I know that’s the sportsmanship in soccer, to kick it out of bounds when a player’s down…

  • BigMck

    Play Rip…and take lots of shots. Here’s hoping Ray grabs that elbow and twists it real good.