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I Wonder What Bill Sees In Her

bill belichick

Linda Holliday, girlfriend of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, laughs as she hides two basketballs from her favorite Celtic, Ray Allen.

By the way… I'm well aware that I said this about guys wearing those shooting sleeves.

They don’t make you shoot better.  They only make you look like a giant douche.  “Hey… look at me… I’ve got a cut up piece of pantyhose on my arm.  I’m cool.”  No… you’re not. 

But considering what we've seen from Ray lately… I don't care if he wears Daisy Dukes and a halter top  if he keeps shooting like that.

Hey… that's not a  bad ide……. errr…. HEY!! Look at what loyal reader Jesse Haley made for us!!!

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  • Mike

    Ray is wearing the sleeve because Dracula doesn’t trim his nails.

  • MethMan

    Is Ray wearing his shooting sleeve on the wrong arm?