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Feeling Good?

RedsArmyAdmin May 29, 2008 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Feeling Good?

Because Rip Hamilton is always flopping around and flailing, I didn't believe he was really hurt in the final seconds of last night's game. But he apparently hyperextended his right elbow. X-rays were negative but Rip had the arm in a sling as he was leaving the Garden.

"It's sore a little bit," Pistons coach Flip Saunders said. "We're going to have to wait and see how it is [Thursday] and how it is in 48 hours." "He got a little bit of, I think, hyperextended in there on the rebound on that one defensive sequence that we had," Saunders said. "He was great again tonight, especially in the last three quarters. Hopefully he's going to be ready to go for us."

No way Rip misses this game. But a sore right elbow can't be good for a jump shooter.


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  • truthaboutbarstool

    Rip left the Garden 45 minutes after everyone else, with his right arm in a sling. X-Rays may have been negative, but apparently he couldn’t even tie his own shoes when leaving, and had to have a trainer do it for him.
    That’s what he gets for hooking everyone’s arms on D.

  • Who says he’s not still faking? X-rays were negative – he absolutely manhandled Allen on that play.
    If the guy in the LeBron Vitamin Water ad can pretend to be in a wheelchair – I think Rip is capable too.

  • Idaho Jim

    Grabbin’ Jesus throat, and then goes down cause he’s scared to shoot a 3? I used to like Rip but last night was weak sauce

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I’ve never noticed how dirty RIP is until this series. I really don’t watch Pistons games unless they’re playing the C’s or Flakers, and I don’t usually watch him play defense, BUT HE’S A LITTLE PUNK BITCH! Slapping, clawing, scratching, choking and throwing cheap elbows at KG’s head?
    He needs to be reminded that he’s a scrawny little twirp…I saw Scal suited up? He should come out and floor the little guy and take one for the team? Or atleast give RIP the three stooges eye poke Nyuk Nyuk.
    ALSO, Billups landed a looping overhand right haymaker punch to Perk’s dome on that blazing breakaway. That was a punch, not a play on the ball. I guess the Pistons are just getting desperate.

  • Jp

    While I would never wish anyone ill will, it does relieve me a little to know the opponents most prolific scorer is hurt. But let’s not forget the Pistons, like our beloved, many players who can get hot for a game and replace those points without so much as a blink. Intensity focus and tempo!
    P.S. Call me a romantic, but given the choice of beating a healthy Pistons and beating an injured/short handed Pistons, I’d rather be able to say our guys beat their guys straight up.

  • BigMck

    No one remembers injuries. How about the ’89 Pistons teams who swept the Lakers? Magic and Byron Scott were crippled with hamstring injuries. Does anyone care that David Rivers was forced to play major minutes? Nope.

  • I admit, I thought he was faking it. I’m tired of his flapping arms and scratching at RA. No way he’ll miss the next game.