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RedsArmyAdmin May 29, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Beast

Perk's got 12 pts, 13 boards….at the half. Celtics up 52-46 and if the second half is anything like the first, I'll be as crossed-eyed as Stuart Scott.

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  • ssshady35

    ***** Hey KOBEISKING, who on the Fakers do you think could handle Perks hard play? Perk would pound gasol into the garden floor!! You talk a lot of shit but what did the Fakers do this year against the Celtics??? THEY LOST ALL THEIR GAMES!!!! Perice and Posey will shut down Bryant and KG will kill who ever thinks their going to guard him. I can’t wait to see your post when the C’s are blowing them out, but you probably don’t have the balls to come around then.

  • Tim (FD)

    That Stuart Scott reference reminded me of the whiner line today.
    Some guy calls in and says,
    “Back off of Stuart Scott, didn’t you hear that he is going through a tough divorce? Apparently his wife thought he was seeing someone on the side.”

  • jbar

    perk was amazing through the first half… the extra passing of the WIDE FUCKING OPEN SHOTS hurt the team through the second half and we should consider ourselves lucky that we pulled it out at the end.
    a road win in dtown to send us to the finals with ray scoring 40 points is my fantasy at this point!


    hahaha this bitch is no beast

  • jtb