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RedsArmyAdmin May 29, 2008 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Barely

I don't have the energy to summarize that game. It's tough to blog after you suffer two strokes and rip out your own prostate. Imagine what I would have done had they lost. Memo to Doc Rivers: Please teach the guys how to pass out of a trap. 

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  • Ajay

    the kid don’t read post damn

  • Bill

    No, the only way that KG dunk would have been better is if he broke Ratliff’s fingers.

  • BaMaCeltic

    What a game!! That dunk was insane!! only way it could ahve been better if it was on Sheed or Dice but Ratliff will do!! IM so glad the whole team played aggressive !! GO at them and make them pay…they played great for 3 quarters and then…they started playin not to lose instead of to WIN…Doc needs to settle them down and execute the offense…..way to go PERK , he was huge!! Like i said before get the ball inside..Perk or KG…its a win/win!! Same thing next game and its over!!

  • Dave

    This series is far from over. Too early to sound the alarm for fathers all over Boston to hide your teenage daughters, Kobe’s coming.

  • The Kid

    Ajay and KOBEISKING:
    Use some fucking punctuation. You two give me a damn headache with your rambling bullshit. It’s fine you post here, but grow up and learn how to speak/type.

  • Al

    All I can say is Heart Attack!
    NotE to Doc – When we blow a team out and then start playing like clowns – get in their grills before the lead disappears!!
    Terrific to see Allen contributing. KG great except for some brain fart passes – dear lord you’re 11-14 shoot the ball!! (I know I said go to the hole before the game but shoot the ball!)
    I thought Rondo was very hot and cold and looked like a deer in the headlights the last 3 or 4 minutes….
    We got some good home cookin’ tonight too….
    Lastly – PERK!!!

  • double P reppin the B

    I was at the game tonight, absolutely insane, greeeat great game, ray has his new white sleeve on so i suggest he keeps wearing that for game 6, we really found some touch tonight, if our bench can produce in the least with a game like this from our starters there is nobody, i repeat, NOBODY, that can beat us!!!! GO CELTICSS!!!!

  • Josh

    I think Bad Boys is somewhere yawning getting ready for a “7 game sweep”

  • I think the C’s should polish off the Pistons before we start looking to the Lakers. I think we can do this in 6….but it will likely go 7… and I don’t feel like jinxing anything.
    All I really want is for the Spurs to win 1 more game. Don’t give the Lakers too much rest

  • Rusty

    Ok…so was in the last row trying to pump up the garden as much as possible..for the reccord on the noise meter the pistons were 2-10…maybe we can keep it around….GO C’s

  • mollysdaddy

    Who would have thought we would win a game in the hundreds when Pierce only takes 11 shots? Wow! Perk was enormous in the first three quarters. (Maybe through 4 quarters had I not hit him so many times throwing things at the TV when he left his assignment on Wallace for 3!) Allen=Fun He is so damn smooth when he is in the groove. Garnett was his usual awesome. Finals here we come!!!