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RedsArmyAdmin May 28, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Get a Clue

Dan Shaughnessy is the latest media member to "call-out" Kevin Garnett for his inability to take over games. Here's a bit from his column:

But it was hard to watch Kevin Garnett at the Palace of Auburn Hills Monday. The Celtics were struggling in the fourth quarter of a game that was still winnable . . . and Garnett disappointed and disappeared. He scored 3 points (1 for 4 from the floor) and committed two turnovers in the final period…..And you want him to bring that fire to the final six minutes of a close playoff game. You want him to take charge. The hell with kicking it back out. Turn and power toward the basket. Don't settle for soft jumpers. Convince us that you want the ball at the end of the game.

Here's a news flash to Dan and other WEEI callers towing the same line: KG doesn't take over games offensively. He never has. He takes them over – defensively. I don't care how much money he makes, or how far he's brought this team so far. He will not drop 20 pts in a fourth quarter ala Larry Legend. Please stop, you're just showing your ignorance. Paul Pierce is the guy you are looking for. Did you see Game 7 against Cleveland? Pierce is the best offensive player in this series. If anyone is going to take-over a game, he's the guy. Now stop bitchin' about Garnett.

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  • MiHark

    Ha!!! What??? No it isn’t!

  • G4L

    woh, I guess that hit a nerve.
    Shaughnessy needs to get those teeth fixed!

  • davecowens

    Apparently the Globe has been cleaning house in its news and sports rooms. Peter May was bought out earlier this year along with a few other writers. I think its product has suffered.
    Give the Globe some credit, at least Tomase doesn’t work there, that has to count for something.

  • Wow.
    Tell us how you really feel Chuck.