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At Least They’re Loose

These pictures show two things:  (1)  Leon Powe still exists… and (2) the mood at practice seems to be loose.

leon powe and james posey

leon powe and james posey

I think Poze was checking out Leon's butt in the first picture.  Then that might be him doing 'The Robot.'  Nice to see Leon still keeping sharp.  You never know when Doc might pull a neck-breaking 180 and decide to play Leon Powe, a guy known for never quitting and always being ready.  What can I say… I love Leon.

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  • BigMck

    I would love to see Leon get some minutes tonight. Maybe he’s the guy who can stick with McDyess.

  • Dave

    I was just asking about this dude on the forums.
    And I agree, I definately want to see what he can do with McD

  • amber

    Sigh. How I love Leon. After Game 3, I said the only thing that could have made me happier was if Leon had gotten some minutes.
    Now please, pretty please, could we possibly have some cute little fitted cap-sleeved women’s I LOVE LEON t-shirts??? It’s the ladies who REALLY love Leon 🙂

  • …in DC

    Why is Leon in the dog-house again? What is Doc seeing that we are not? Is Big Baby that much better?
    Please–someone–answer me!!!

  • Larry Washington

    Play Leon!
    Play Eddie!

  • Loose is the best way to play, that’s what makes these two pictures so great. Only question is, is the rest of the team this loose, because who knows if Leon is going to play. I guess if JP and Powe were this loose the rest of the team must’ve been. Then again, do you think KG would allow this little intensity at practice? I think this was after practice, because no KG team is this loose before a Game 5.
    GO CELTS!!!