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Where Was KG??

RedsArmyAdmin May 27, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Where Was KG??

Kevin Garnett has been awesome all year for us… and he's been great all series too.  But when he's got no energy out on the floor… then the Celtics don't have any energy.  He's that important.  One play typifies what KG gave us last night.

8:18 in the 2nd quarter… Sam Cassell shoots a 3 from the right wing.  KG is on the opposite side… and is defended by Rasheed Wallace. 

Notice the open space.  As the ball is in mid-air… everyone turns and looks toward the rim.  Notice… a lack of boxing out… and still… plenty of open space for KG to walk right into the middle of the lane.

So the shot comes off the front of the rim… the middle of the lane is STILL open… and everyone is standing there and looking at the ball.  Still… no boxing out to speak of.  Maybe KG can take a couple of big strides and sneak in for the offensive board. 

Nope… KG has barely moved.  And guess where the ball went.

KG had plenty of time to get to the EXACT spot that the ball ended up.  Instead… one of the best rebounders of our generation stayed 18 feet from the hoop… let Detroit grab the board… and turn it into a Jason Maxiell jumper… and a 33-19  lead.  A rebound and dunk might have energized this team.  It would have cut the lead to 10… and who knows what happens after that.

KG wasn't alone in bringing no energy to this game… but as we all know… he's our "energy guy."  Its obvious that when he doesn't have it… very few others have it.  The only guy I saw out there with any sort of fire was Kendrick Perkins… and he's the 5th offensive option… so that doesn't help us much.

So here we are again… tied at 2 after 4 games of a playoff series.  We're officially in a "playing with fire" situation.  Lose game 5… and now we've got to win 2 in a row.  Luckily, there's no way Detroit brings it for 3 straight games… so I'll bet the family jewels that this one is going to 7…. again.  Let's hope San Antonio and LA beat the hell out of each other.

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  • BaMaCeltic

    I think you hit the nail on the head with that question? And also where was DOC? I think its both KG and Docs fault, Everytime KG get on the block , good things happen….score or foul on them, either way its good for us. So why in the hell is KG settling for 18/20 footers?? If you watch him (ALOT) he stands way away from the basket…doesnt even try to post up most of the time…it kills me! I mean he can hit those jumpers but him in the post puts so much pressure on them and it draws fouls ….which hurts them big time….I mean who would you rather have in the game? Rasheed or Theo Ratliff?? Which is who they put on KG so Rasheed and Maxiel wouldnt get anymore fouls….so come on DOC!! Tell KG to put his butt on the block and go at them!! put them pressure on them!! plus we got all the calls last night!! we gotta take advantage of that……Im just so dissapointed in them and in Doc…we could be going back Home up 3/1 …..and sombody please tell them McDice can hit open jumpers!! guard him and box him out!! We blew a good chance….oh well…ok …. im done……Love the Celts …but Doc better get in there ass and get them fired up for Wednesday.

  • Al

    I think BaMa hit it on the head exactly. I love KG – he’s my man and there’s nothing I want more than for him and Celts to get a ring. But yesterday was disgraceful. KG didn’t offensive rebound at all. He jogged back on D the whole game and you’re right about the jumpers – I know he’s been hitting that shot all year and even more in the playoffs but as it said – WHERE WAS THE EFFORT?
    It’s not brain surgery Doc – they’re all in foul trouble get KG in the block!!!!

  • bopna

    Does anyone miss big al and his play…he rarely goes out of the box and that is what KG should be doin..If KG wants his ring so badly, why on earth does he dissappear in crucial games is my wild guess…maybe Stern told Ray to brick it, KG to mail it and Paul to miss open threes…that way we go get to see another 7 game epic.