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Where Was Eddie?

RedsArmyAdmin May 27, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Where Was Eddie?

The Celtics seemed lifeless out there at times last night.  Part of it was the Pistons defense… part of it was a flat out lack of energy and execution.  And while I understand that Sam Cassell's experience allows him to handle the pressure well… We really could have used Eddie House's energy for a few minutes.

I fully understand the reasons for not playing Eddie against the Pistons.  Chauncey Billups, Rodney Stuckey and Lindsay Hunter could make things difficult for Eddie.  But what Eddie can do is be a caffeine jolt to a lifeless team.  How about cutting Ray Allen's minutes down from 35 to 30… and Sam's minutes down from 17 to 12.  There's 10 minutes right there where Eddie could help force the issue and maybe wake a couple of guys up.

You guys know me… I think Doc gets unfairly criticized for a lot of things… but you've got to see that your guys are struggling to find a spark.  You've got a spark plug guy in Eddie House just sitting there… why not give him a few minutes to see if he can help?  Could things have gotten any worse?

Speaking of Doc… WithMalice is making the argument for canning him.  I disagree with many of the points… but many of you might not.

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  • Matty S.

    As I have said in comments before, I have ALWAYS defended Doc. When our team was terrible for the last few years and everyone wanted him canned, I was the guy who argued otherwise. But in these playoffs I have been losing the faith. In so many games recently I have questioned his decisions and the last game was definitely one of those. Cassell certainly has cut back on his dribble down the court and immediately shoot, but twice in last nights game he did it in big situations…and missed. At that point I was screaming for House and was really surprised to not see him even if it was for a minute or two.
    You are losing me Doc…

  • Larry W.

    Totally agree. I was screaming it last night.
    Cassell = bad D, screwed up offense and no energy.
    House = bad D, instant offense and tons of energy.
    It seems obvious. I mean, it worked before so why the heck wouldn’t you try it again Doc?

  • There’s a huge gulf between the two coaches left in the West (Pop & PJax) and the two in the East (Doc/Flip).
    I can guarantee you that there are many players on the Boston/Detroit fosters that feel they know more than their coach, and zero on that of the Spurs/Lakers.

  • papairish

    exactly, especially when house does what rondo and cassel cant seem to do: run the offense with out dribbling the air out of the ball
    house is really the only one of those three who can catch and shoot from range with any consistency, sam needs to dribble six times before he shoots and rondo well his shot is shaky at best