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Dumbest… Argument… Ever

This was brought to my attention by BostonSportz.com… which takes the time to break this entire Jemele Hill column down… and destroy all of her arguments

However, this is the gist of the column:  A Lakers-Celtics finals will be such fodder for conspiracy theorists who say its exactly what the NBA wanted… that America should be rooting for Spurs-Pistons just to prove the fix wasn't in.  This is the best part:

If you're someone who grumbles that NBA players don't play defense, you should root for Pistons-Spurs (although Boston may play the best defense of the remaining playoff teams). If you complain you're sick of seeing NBA teams that don't play hard, root for Pistons-Spurs. If you love teams that win because of their commitment to team basketball, root for Pistons-Spurs. If you're sick of seeing basketball dominated by And-1 wannabes, root for Pistons-Spurs.

These are two teams loaded with unselfishness — and they feature players who are among the NBA's best citizens.

Thanks, Jemele, for contradicting yourself in the first sentence.  Furthermore… the Celtics – KG in particular – are known for playing hard and their commitment to team basketball.  In fact… isn't a main storyline about the Celtics how 3 huge-name stars put their egos aside to pursue a title?  And can you name the And-1 wanna be on the Celtics? 

Maybe she doesn't like Kobe Bryant… and she admits she's from Detroit.  That alone is enough to dismiss this out of hand.  But ultimately… one simple thing makes her entire "this would feed conspiracy theorists" argument completely asinine:  They're both #1 seeds.  Would it be such a shocker that two #1 seeds meet in the finals? 

Hey ESPN… if you want to pay someone to write biased, poorly thought out piles of crap… I'll be happy to do it.  Otherwise… maybe your editors should wake up before publishing something like that.

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  • Bill

    Jemele Hill and her friend Skip Bayless should leave analyzing the NBA to the men. And they should take Doris Burke with them. Fortunately, the WNBA season is in full swing.

  • lakerhater

    Jemele is Mark Jackson in drag. Most of the douche bags at ESPN are nothing but Celtic HATERS. Eat shit van gundy you hack, I hope Pauly and KG cram more crow down your throat tonight. GO CELTICS

  • MJohnnyboy

    I think this writer was fired, I keep trying to click on her archive on espn and it doesn’t show up. I think this argument sealed the deal in her firing.