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Can We Please Repeat The Effort?

Auburn Hills Pistons fans must be out of their minds with their teams inconsistent play.  Its like the Pistons enjoy long, drawn-out series in which they take full games off.  Unfortunately, the Celtics appear to be teetering on the verge of a similar strategy… coming out great one game… and then looking like crap in the next.

So I'm flat out begging the Celtics:  Please… PLEASE… come out with that same intensity in Game 4 that we saw in Game 3.  Please don't let this be all talk:

"It's not a win-one-and-be-happy type of thing," said forward Kevin Garnett during a media session at the team's hotel yesterday. "You take it one game at a time, one day at a time, one play at a time."

Said forward Paul Pierce, "We're not satisfied, that's the thing about it. We are happy to get a win on the road and get home court back. But we are getting hungrier. We are getting selfish with what we're trying to do now.  When you win one, you want to get another one. That's the mental attitude we got right now."

Said guard Rajon Rondo, "It's too big of a series. It's either win or go home, so you know you don't want to go back to the house with a loss. So we definitely want to try to take advantage of getting another win here on the road."

I'm looking your way Rajon.  Tentative Rajon=losses.  Aggressive Rajon=wins.  Even when Aggressive Rajon makes mistakes… his teammate are generally there for him.  Tentative Rajon's mistakes lead to fast break points… and too much Sam Cassell. 

Its very simple guys.  You put forth the effort in Game 4… really come out and take control of this game early… and you can ride the home crowd to a win in Game 5.  Then… you can rest… because San Antonio finally woke up at home… and they're going to make it a series against LA (and by 'make it a series'… I mean they'll win). 

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