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We’ll Just Take That Back, Thanks

kevin garnett

We hope the Auburn Hills Pistons enjoyed home court advantage… for all of 1 game.  The Celtics came out hot… withstood runs… and ended all the talk about "they can't win on the road" by beating the Pistons 94-80. 

And shocker of shockers… it was agressive play that got the job done.  Kendrick Perkins showed up with 12 and 10… Rajon Rondo took, and knocked down, a few shots.  Ray Allen was 5-16… but he had 6 boards and 6 assists.   And Paul Pierce only took 6 shots.  SIX shots.   We'd also like to welcome James Posey (12 pts, 4 reb) to the series.  Oh… and KG had 22 pts, 13 reb, 6 asst. 

So we've had the haters say Pistons in 4…. then in 5 (with the vaunted '5 game sweep')… now it's gonna be what… a 6 game sweep? 

Let me ask you this:  Other than the sun rising and setting… is there ANYTHING more predictable than a Pistons mail-in game after a big win? 

Box Score  Recap

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Where can I get this poster?

  • ShooterMcGavin

    had a feeling perk would be strong tonight
    the whole team played well
    wheres agay?

  • Ajay

    hey shootermcgayin one game does not prove anything perkins STILL SUCKS

  • Al

    I’ll tell u what Perk is – the best center KG’s ever played with – better than Kandi, Nesterovic – any of them. He has a nasty disposition that is a good attribute for a center and he’s also only 22.
    He needs to work on a 12-15 fter (which he hit today) and on showing up more regularly….
    He’s only getting better Ajay – your posts aren’t.

  • Braddymac

    Stop it. Bynum’s excellence, whether legit or not, does not equate into this argument. Perk has one glaring bad habit right now which is when he collects himself under the rim after an offensive rebound or a caught pass. Instead he should be exploding to the basket. That and a dependable 15 foot jumper would really help his game.
    His stats do not reflect his value to the Celtics. You have the starting center of the team with the NBA’s best regular season record. You got a guy who sacrifices his numbers and just hustles and does the dirty work and plays sold D. He’s no house hold name so that makes him terrible. Typical.

  • G4L

    Perk was a Beast!! Great win boys!!

  • droopy

    whats bynum gonna do from the injured reserve? nothin this year… so hes a non factor. perk will never be a superstar but who cares

  • The Bad Boys

    ya’ll are getting too excited wit this win. have any of ya’ll heard of a 6 game sweep? detroit will be carrying one of those out on the greens. it will be over befroe you know it. now on to my official prediction: this series is a yawner

  • Braddymac

    I’m formally requesting we end this sweep shite. A sweep is when you prevent your opponents from getting a single victory in a series. And should you disagree with that….don’t. But if you must a teams wins must BE IN A ROW. Since the C’s and Tones have each lost after a win to call something a sweep is ridiculous.