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Stop This Man

RedsArmyAdmin May 24, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Stop This Man

Before I delve into my analysis of Antonio McDyess, I want to make it clear this was my plan before reading Mark Murphy's article in the Herald. Great minds clearly think alike. It's too bad one of us writes for a gossip-fueled, rumor driven, facts don't matter publication – sorry Mark, but it's not often Red's Army wins the Integrity Award. Back to McDyess. I'm embarrassed to admit that in my analysis of player-to-player matchups, I had Perkins vs. McDyess as even. Hell, their stats were nearly identical. But McDyess has gone off (14.5 pts on 54% FG, 9.5 reb). After watching McDyess nail open 17-footer after open 17-footer, I figured the Celtics were willing to live or die with that shot. But Doc tells Murphy, the C's can and should be challenging that shot.

“We want to get to everyone, and we especially want to get to all of their starters,” coach Doc Rivers said yesterday. “You’re never happy leaving someone open like that. A lot of McDyess’ shots we can get out to and challenge. We have the ability to do that but we haven’t in Game 1 or Game 2.”

You've got to provide help when Billups or Rip drive to the hoop, and the man covering McDyess is the most logical choice. Doc just wants the guys to be a half-step faster on the rotation. But in the end, Doc and I are both thinking the same thing: Whether or not the Celtics adjust, McDyess can't keep this up for the entire series.

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After last night's 30-pt loss to the Lakers, the media has the Spurs dead and buried – again. You'd think after watching San Antonio come back from a 2-0 deficit in Round 2, the press would be gun shy. But that's clearly not the case.

Due to a family commitment, my availablity to watch Game 3 is in jeopardy. I am attempting to find a portable TV with antenna to solve this problem. I know you all will miss me on the forums and postgame.

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  • Is it time for the annual “family commitment” at the Foxy Lady again? That comes around so fast.
    I agree on MyDyess. He’s been killing us. Conversely… Perk has been fairly invisible.

  • Bill

    I hate the national media. The Celtics got no respect during the Cleveland series. And when they won Game 7, everybody hailed Paul as the savior. And now that we lost Game 2, everybody goes back to dismissing the Celtics. Just remember boys and girls, there are still five games to play. I expect the Celts to dig deep in this series just like they did in the last two Game 7s.

  • Lakerhater

    Bill I feel your pain. Lifelong celtic fan in Seattle, for the last ten years I get to see maybe 1 or 2 games televised. Now the C’s are back and televised regularly and now I have to listen to a parade of fucking HACKS like fratello and van gundy dog out Pauly and Ray on a nightly basis. Go fuck yourself haters, that means you jon barry, your living in your brothers shadow much like that ass clown van gundy. I forgive Mark Jackson, he was born a douche. God I hope the C’s pull it off tonight so we can listen to the parade of douchebags eat crow. GO CELTICS.

  • Ajay

    if perkins can’t guard mcdyess imagine what Gasol can do and ssshady35 we ain’t in the same boat as the Celtic bitch LOL Celtics suck