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Not Enough

RedsArmyAdmin May 23, 2008 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Not Enough

There are a million reasons why the Celtics lost tonight's game, but in the end, the Pistons simply made more plays. The C's rallied and cut an 11 point lead to 2, but two offensive rebounds and subsequent scores in the final few minutes gave the Pistons enough breathing room. Other observations:

-The Celtics got very little production (7 pts) from the bench. And you can't blame Doc for trying, he played 6 guys including Tony Allen. Meanwhile Rodney Stucky (13 pts) had some big buckets for the Pistons.

-We finally saw the real Ray Allen (25 pts, 9-16 FG, 2-4 3FG).

-Rajon Rondo (10 pts, 9 reb, 8 asst, 3 stls) had a solid all around game. But the C's need him to be more aggressive offensively. When his defender leaves him, Rondo needs to take the shot. All this dribbling in and out of the paint just winds down the shot clock and forces other guys to rush shots.

-Paul Pierce (26 pts) played 47 minutes. He's hoping he can keep up that pace.

-Rip Hamilton (25 pts) was at his best tonight. With that said, I still think he plays like a bitch.

-Antonio McDyess (15 pts)vcontinues to hit those open 17-foot jumpers. At some point the C's will realize they can't leave him alone.

-The dumbest play of the night was Rondo's face guarding foul on Tayshaun Prince. Rondo litterly placed his hand on Prince's face.

To be honest, I'm not worried. The Celtics will win one of the next two games in Detroit. As we used to say back in the hood, I'll bet my left nut on it.

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  • ssshady35

    What the fuck we just gave them this game but like you said at least Ray Ray broke out of his slump. It should be a interesting game three. Hey guys just one thing …………don’t forget who your garding………wtf!!!

  • The Pistons have now won 9 straight ‘Game 2’s’ in the playoffs.
    The good news is…. they relax in game 3’s.

  • The Bad Boys

    they relax when they want to and win when they have to. btw, nothing is given to detroit, they earn it bleeding green. so ya’ll weill have nice restful sleep with a beer in hand. detroit all the way baby, btw, have i made my official prediction clear to ya’ll, if not then here it goes for all you fools: official prediction: this series is a yawner

  • Ajay


  • ShooterMcGavin

    gotta hand it to the TD crowd tonite for standing and trying to rally the celts when they were down 11 in the 4th
    came up short though…gotta be confident they can win in detroit…or else they weren’t gonna win the title anyway

  • double P reppin the B

    im curious to see how the celtics answer here in game 3 because we have yet to be behind in a series so if we lose game 3 its gonna feel like a MUST win game 4 now that we see we are beatable at home, our bench really needs to step it up considering the stars played great tonight but we still came up short… GO CELTICS, oh and FUCK the lakers, worst fans in the NBA

  • Jason

    Boo fuckin’ hoo.. you guys lost at HOME?!? LMFAO! WHERE’S YOUR HOME COURT ADVANTAGE NOW?!? Uh-Oh.. now you have to win on the road in order to win the series?!? haha! and with your track record on road games, i doubt this mediocre team will be able to pull that off! hahaha! CELTICS SUCKS! nuff said!

  • Al

    Jason – back into your cave mate……
    Think this’ll be a long series……

  • Ryan (UNC332)

    Laker fans sound so threatening and powerful when they use CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! In reality, it makes you come across as an idiot.

  • Lakerhater

    I’m not going to drink the kool aid just yet.Van Gundy and Mark Jackson are complete hacks. Ajay is hoping to be Kobe’s next rape victim.

  • Tim (FD)

    O plz redz we of the spurs all day. 07 07 MVP. THATS WHAT YOU CALL BAD POST THATS WHAT REDZ CALL GOOD POST THE LAKERS.
    – Ajay

  • Jason

    hey ssshady35, im back bitch. and we’re up 2-0. looks like we’re not in the same boat, idiot. FUCK CELTICS! GO LAKERS!

  • The Bad Boys

    lakerhater, no one needs to take me to the back of a locker room to show me no 5 game sweep. everyone will see it on tv or live in person you fool. you will see it with your own two eyes. you talk bad about the mask now, but when your fucking team gets eliminated, you will be having nightmares of that same mask. the fact of the matter is that your fucking greens look so fucking beatable. your three headed monster combines for 75 points and your team still loses. your ray allen finally overcomes the droughtt, they still lose. they lose for the first time at home this playoffs, now they have to win away from home.
    btw, i must give credit to the lakers. they beat the defending champs twice, they took care of home court unlike some other team with a bunch of greens. my official prediction: the greens look so beatable. also this series is a yawner.

  • droopy

    fuck the pistons. fuck the spurs….. is there another team we have to worry about?? didnt think so… not one team this year has worried me from game one and you can ask my best friends about that. fuck everyone else. we have the best team. celts in 6.. celts in 7… fuck the haters