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Watch Out For This Guy

That's one of the plays of the year… and the man behind it is Jason Maxiell.  I think Jason Maxiell should have been 6th man of the year… mainly because Manu Ginobili isn't really a starter.

For some reason… he only played 17 minutes against the Celtics in game 1.  Considering the Celtics have obviously, and correctly, decided to attack the rim… I don't understand why Maxiell wouldn't get a few more minutes back there.  But hey… who am I to question a playoff-tested genius like Flip Saund….er……

Never mind.

The benches are going to be big in these games…. and they need Maxiell.  Lindsay Hunter and Rodney Stuckey did fine jobs in game 1… but if the Celtics are going to attack, attack, attack…. you would have to expect Maxiell to have an impact.

Then again… maybe he's still afraid of this:

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  • William

    I don’t entirely understand the love for Maxiell. Pistons fans seem to think he’s the next coming. Honestly, which are you happiest about facing:
    a) .599 TS% | 14.4 Reb | 1.7 Ast | 1.2 Stl | 4.7 Blk | 2.4 TO | 8.7 PF | 2.5 Eff Diff
    b) .518 TS% | 13.8 Reb | 1.9 Ast | 1.1 Stl | 1.1 Blk | 1.7 TO | 5.9 PF | 4.2 Eff Diff
    c) .557 TS% | 11.0 Reb | 1.8 Ast | 1.2 Stl | 2.7 Blk | 1.9 TO | 5.4 PF | 2.7 Eff Diff
    Those are the per 48 minute numbers for a-Amir Johnson, b-Antonio McDyess, and c-Jason Maxiell. I’d be much more concerned if Amir Johnson knew by now how not to foul. These numbers are a composite of their regular and post-season production, with post-season stats weighted more heavily.
    Note: Eff Diff here is best explained as the adjusted +/- we would expect from each player if they played 100 possessions.

  • PxFunk

    Thats still possibly the nastiest dunk I’ve seen in a LONG time. That kid is fearless.