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I’d Say This Fits

My blatant attempts for free merchandise from companies continues.  My attempts have so far been fruitless… but I have a good feeling this time.

We have our fair share of drinkers here on Red's Army (regular readers all just simultaneously thought 'Jester'.  Those who don't know…  will figure it out in the comments soon enough).  And I think I've found the beer that I would consider the perfect Boston Celtics Beer: 

Sam Adams Irish Red.

Company started in Boston… Celtics are Irish… Red is our God.

Sam's Irish Red seems like a good fit to me. 

You're welcome, Boston Beer Company.  Hope you can handle the spike in business that is sure to follow this post.  You know how to find me (I'm in the tent outside the brewery)

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  • Dave

    Wow. I’m a bigtime beer drinker, and a Sam Adams fan. I didn’t know they came out with this shit! (Although I live in NYC, so we fon’t get as much Sam exposure). Any good?

  • Jester00

    A- Dark amber color with very clear, but not transparent, a nice white head that sticks around.
    S-Light not overpowering sweetness and malt scent
    T-Toasted notes stand out…caramel…also the pistachio is very evident…some earthy hop notes…and the dark fruits are there too…all blends nicely into a unique and tasty beer.
    M – Pretty high carbonation, close to medium body, but feels a little too light. A slight hop bite, and finishes clean. Pretty crisp.
    D- It goes down very easy and I would have no problem drinking a 12 pack or 18 .
    I will pick some up tonight and drink the C’s to a win mabye this change will help Ray Allen’s Stroke. Will the C’s cover the Spread????????????