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Manicures With A Clear Top Coat

This is the first Red's Army headline that has gotten our wives' immediate interest. 

glen davisThe next time they go out for a manicure (a.k.a where the money from our store goes), they can call Big Baby… unless he's there already:

Nowadays, Big Baby, who got his name for his size and sensitivity during his elementary years in Louisiana, has a daily regimen of moisturizing, brushing and buffing himself into top form.

Those habits include liberal use of Lubriderm lotion to keep his hands soft. He gets manicures twice a month, and favors – without apology – a clear top coat.

The stereotypical “guys-as-grimy-and-rough” image is outdated, he said.

“My generation is changing. Guys are doing the same things women are doing,”

glen davisWell… at least Chuck has company now.  Baby says a few teammates do similar stuff.  Whatever.  This is all part of Baby's new endorsement deal with Ace grooming tools. 

The most redeeming thing about this whole thing is that he's wearing the Gino shirt… which you can buy here to support the Celtics Shamrock Foundation.

(photos: Boston Herald/Ted Fitzgerald)

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