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It’s A Trap

RedsArmyAdmin May 21, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on It’s A Trap

We are loving life here in Boston right now, aren't we?  Our Celtics came out to a big lead over the Pistons… held off their runs… and did a lot of things right in a fairly comfortable win.  Was anyone really ever nervous at all during this game?  I wasn't.  This looked like a regular season game out there.  Which means…

This is a trap.

Haven't we seen this from the Pistons before?  How about them losing their first playoff game… at HOME… to Philly?  How about them getting blown out by 20 in game 3 of that series? 

Nice try Rasheed.  You almost had me fooled there Jason Maxiell.  But I'm not falling for this crap.  I know that all you Pistons cared about was coming in and stealing 1 game in Boston… so you kinda cruised through things… made a couple of pushes to see if the C's would respond… and packed it in at the end. 

The Pistons have made a habit of putting it in cruise control and then turning it on at certain times.  Hell, at this point, it's almost a trademark.  If the Celtics fall for it and come out flat in Game 2… then we're going to be climbing out of a big-time hole.  I know the guys are a little tired after playing more games this postseason than any other team… but they've got to come out and PUSH tomorrow night.  Paul Pierce said Game 1 was going to be the game Detroit tried to steal… I disagree.  It's Game 2 that they want… and if we're not careful… they'll get it.

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  • Dave

    yoyo, i didn’t yawn once last night. holla!

  • …in DC

    Remember when Billy D was so badass?

  • He’s why I started drinking Colt 45