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RedsArmyAdmin May 21, 2008 Uncategorized 12 Comments on Home Warriors

One down, three to go. The Celtics dynamic duo of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett dominated this 88-79 victory in Game 1. Pierce played a fantastic all-around game – 44 mins, 22 pts, 6 reb, 6 assists. He played the point-forward to perfection; bringing the ball up the court, working the pick-and-roll, finding his shot or the open man. KG was an offensive force – 26 pts, 11-17 FG, 9 reb, 4 assists. He knocked down jumpers and worked the post. It was their best offensive game (52%, 27 assists) of the playoffs. And the defense wasn't too shabby either. Detroit's Big 3 of Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace combined for 35 pts on 11-31 shooting. Here are some other observations:

-Rajon Rondo (11 pts, 7 assists, 5 stls, 1 TO) was a pest. He was very active on both ends. And he nailed two big shots; an open jumper and 3-pointer in the final three minutes to seal the victory.

-Billups played 31 minutes, the lowest number of minutes among Pistons starters. While he didn't appear gimpy because of the hamstring, he clearly isn't 100%.

-The first quarter was a roller-coaster. The Celtics started strong, jumping out 8-0. But the Pistons quickly followed with their own 8-0. The C's had another 8-0 run late in the first and finished up 5, 22-17.

-The Celtics pulled away in the 3rd quarter (28-17). They pressured Detroit into 7 TOs in the quarter and attacked the basket (11-13 free throws). 

-Rip Hamilton threw a forearm at Kevin Garnett's head as KG was setting a screen. The refs called a foul as Rip's elbow glazed KG's head. It was an obvious cheapshot from a frustrated man. 

-Ray Allen (9 pts, 3-10 FG) struggled again. He was able to get his points on the break and by going to the basket. He wasn't a huge detriment tonight (I know, the bar has been set extremely low).

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  • droopy

    great game all around… we really controlled the second half. pierce and kg worked fucking great together and rondo swished ANOTHER clutch 3… will ray ever find his shot? i think so. NEXT GAME…. LETS GO CELTS!!!

  • It was a thing of beauty, even more gorgeous than that blonde cheerleader.
    I thought Detroit was going to be rested and we’d be worn out?

  • Mike

    I thought Ray played damn good defense on Hamilton. When Ray covered him he didn’t score much. I know he got loose on that one goof up on the leakout (and I don’t think Ray was even in the game then) and Hamilton got another one off an offensive board when Pierce was covering. If he can do that all series, we’re looking good.

  • JTB

    Rip Hamilton is a bitch. The league better punish him further for that blatant cheap shot. Mask-wearing pussy, he’ll get his. Oh yes, he’ll get his.
    Great win. Loved every last second of it. Lapped it up.

  • ssshady35

    Keep doing what your doing Pierce!! Take it to the hole they can’t stop you. As fare as Ray RAy goes, he will find his shot and when he does that game will be a blow out for the C’s…..just keep shooting. Go Celtics!!

  • Matty S.

    Just got back from the game, and I must say it was a damn good one. Lets go down my checklist for the game.
    Billups hammy is NOT better (call him limpy McGee) – CHECK
    Rondo and Allen play some NICE D – CHECK
    Overcame some AWFUL calls (as usual) – CHECK
    Sheed whining like a baby – DOUBLE CHECK
    Celtics clearly not “too tired” from previous series – CHECK
    Celtics spread the ball around and play a very BALANCED game – FUCKIN A’ CHECK CHECK CHECK
    Eat it Detroit fans!!!
    ~Matty S.

  • Rusty

    Can the C’s please stop with the noise meter. I am surprised it has not come up before. I have been to every playoff game. I would say when they throw that thing up there opposing teams are scoring at a 90% clip when we get “Garden Loud” its almost a guaranted hoop for the other team…you know its a great game when I have to complain about the scoreboard opperator.

  • yogi

    Damn good game!Keep it up and lets roll to the Finals.

  • another tim.

    i still think the cavs are going to win this series.

  • ————————————-
    re: It was an obvious cheapshot from a frustrated man.
    No it wasn’t.
    It was the purposeful play of a Warrior, intent on sending a violent message to an opponent setting a pick on him … “Take THAT … Big Ticket, if you come again! We is ALL playing this game to WIN!”
    Doc’s decision to go with Eddie House … as his back-up PG (as I suggested to you last week was a key vs the Cavs … in addition to finding a few minutes per game for Tony Allen, in lieu of Ray Ray) … NOT Sam-I-Am was a key turning point in the game.
    Rondo seems to play/shoot better when he knows that it’s House coming in to relieve him temporarily not Cassell.
    Rondo’s 2 huge shots coming down-the-stretch … decided this ballgame.
    Not KG.
    Not PP.
    Rajon Rondo (vs Chauncey Billups) is the key to how this series is eventually going to play out.

  • lakerhater

    Rip Hamilton is a punk. Kg handled it well, Doc should give Big Baby a chance to get with little Rippy in game 2.

  • The Bad Boys

    ya’ll are smoking some serious shit. cavs were eliminated already, waht you talking about man? hand over some of that stuff, that must be some good shit you got there.
    on to the real stuff, have you guys heard of a 5 game sweep before? well you guys are going to have to smoke some more of that shit in order to forget all your misery when you get eliminated in 5. we made the lakers suffer through one of those a few years back in the finals, you are next greens. this series is a yawner.