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Hate Me and I’ll Hate You Back

The World Of Isaac is a generally fantastic blog… but good ol' Isaac has been bitten by the bug.  You know… the "I hate Boston" bug

But that's OK… because I love the hate.  I cut slices off other peoples' hate, top it with whipped cream, and eat it as dessert.  I gather up everyone's hate, throw it into a pillow case, and sleep comfortably on it. 

I'm also OK with it because Boston is not Detroit.  And I'll hapilly drink up the hate if it means not living in America's Most Miserable City

I'll sit here and take the barbs so I don't have to listen to Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick…. who, if you haven't heard… was cheating on his wife… and had it exposed when text messages on his city-issued cell phone were released.  His reaction… try to change the rules so text messages don't get released anymore.  Classy

Detroit produced cars so…. um… reliable… that Japan and Germany are running circles around American car companies.  Detroit is so bad… the most influential record company in the world… Motown Records… got the hell out and moved to New York.  And has anyone seen Animal Cops: Detroit?

Basketball-wise… what's not to hate about the "Detroit" Pistons (who play 30 miles away from Detroit).  Reasons 1 through 100 are encompassed in this douchebag:

He single-handedly did more to ruin the Pistons than anyone else.  Everyone who hates the Pistons will put ol' Bill up there as reason #1. 

But there is joy for me in hating the Pistons.  History isn't smiling on those great Pistons teams.  Laimbeer is remembered as a douche.  Dennis Rodman is remembered a freak… and those who remember his as a baller think of him more as a Bull or even a Spur.  Isiah Thomas is remembered as the guy who destroyed the CBA andthe New York Knicks.  Joe Dumars is remembered as "the nice one"… and everyone else is sort of forgotten. 

I know RedsArmy.com is a destination for opposing teams' fans.  So bring it on Detroit.  I don't think you've got much to brag about. 

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  • Matty S.

    Wow. VERY nice burn…

  • You know, I’d bring up basketball post 1986, but I feel bad….thats like salt in an open wound

  • Saying Detroit is a hole is a gimme. I’m one of the few non-delusional Detroit fans that doesn’t think it’s “so cool” to rep the Motor City when hardly any of them have seen anything past Ford Field or Comerica Park. It isn’t pretty.
    But, with that being said, taking shots at Bill Laimbeer or the city is lazy. What does it have to do with the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals?

  • The Atlanta Hawks

    Um, you barely beat us in 7 games? Can you even handle Detroit?

  • BigMck

    Nothing. But it sure is funny.

  • G4L

    DDDDeetrooitttt Assholes!!

  • Chruce

    Hey Matty, I was checking your posts from the other day and was wondering if you managed to get your shift covered to get to the game tonight? If you can’t go I would love to have your ticket!

  • Mike

    I think they meant the PA Announcer, not the broadcasters…but speaking of Johnny Most, anybody got the Voice of the Celtics Book/CD? I’m listening to the “Boston vs the Bad Boys” track on repeat. Johnny Most should be the background music to which the Pistons are introduced to the crowd.
    I can feel the hate growing within me, and…there is A VIOLENT VIOLENT KNOCKDOWN BY LAIMBEER!! And BIRD just…SMACKED HIM!!
    I’ll be a little disappointed if they don’t edit into the jumbotron introduction the clip of the Chief beating the shit out of Laimbeer.
    (and my favorite)

  • davecowens

    What a wasteland that place is. I honestly feel bad for people living in that god-forsaken city. Anyways, it’s good to see two old-school original NBA franchises meeting up the conference finals. This should be a good series. See some of you tonight on Causeway Street.

  • 33legend

    Not only is Detroit 1 but Flint, MI is 3…!

  • Bill Costigan

    Is Larry Bird finding out the truth about the Oceanic 6 there? What a pussy.

  • Kennedy

    I’ve been a Pistons fan my entire life. I’ve lived in the Metro Detroit area my entire life. I love Pistons and hate Boston. (I do love me some Paul Pierce though)….Anyways… that being said I HATE our PA guy. I dont know his name, I refuse to learn his name, I just hate him. “Deeeeeeeeeeeeetroit Basketball”!?!?!?!?!? How fucking creative is that!?!?!? Maybe if I was 4 or 5 years old I’d like it the first 20 times before it got old. Its embarrassing when other teams come to town. I apologise to the country, the world, the fans of the NBA, and God. Our announcer is more of a shame than Kwame and Dr. Kavorkian but together.
    Pistons in 6 games.