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Celtics In 6

RedsArmyAdmin May 20, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Celtics In 6

Its official prediction time for me… and I'm saying Celtics in 6. (Chuck is going with C's in 7. He went on the record Monday on BarStool Sports. Sometimes he forget he also writes for this site.)

I know I tend to be more optimistic then some people about our Celtics chances… but I think we're building towards something. 

First… I think its good that we went to 7 games twice.  It was maddening.  It was frustrating.  But, in the end, it was good.  To paraphrase Ray Allen after yesterday's practice… all the reasons people are giving that Boston will lose… are the reasons they'll win.  They are now well aware of the problems of the road.  They're hashing out their roles.  They're confident they can win an elimination game. 

Second… I think the Celtics flat-out underestimated the Hawks and the Cavs.  They didn't underestimate LeBron… but they underestimated how much fire the rest of the team had.  This, however, is the matchup that they've been looking forward to.  Its finally Celtics-Pistons time.  There's no more looking past anyone.

And finally… I think Rondo is going to take advantage of a gimpy Chauncey Billups.  I think Rondo steps up… and shows up… in at least one of the road games.  I think the return of Eddie House will continue that up-tempo, high energy approach needed to beat the Pistons at least once on the road. 

So I do expect the Celtics to continue to defend home court.  I expect (or maybe its extreme hope) them to win 1 game in Detroit… and then its on to face the Spurs in the Finals.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I say 7. I think the C’s will finally win on the road, but Detroit might steal one too. Or we keep winning at home and that’s all it takes to win it this year.
    And to all you FLaker fans, say hi to the Spurs for me as they roll over you in 6. Watch as Kobe reverts to his old ball-hog ways and shoots them out of the playoffs once again.

  • boston strangler

    I think the C’s will finally take a game on the road here… they’ve been waiting for a chance to play the Pistons like this all season, and they’re not going to let it slip away. The key though is to take game 1… losing game 1 can be disastrous.

  • Josh in Tampa

    I’m glad to see Lakers fans like Tim (FD) are so well spoken and masters of the English Language. It really isn’t that hard to spell words correctly with Firefox, with the new built in spell-check, so apparently you want to look like an idiot. But anyways, so Kobe Bryant (note, the “b” actually is not capitalized) was given the NBA MVP award. I wasn’t aware that automatically his team was going to win the NBA Championship. Although it most certainly has happened, most of the time the team with the MVP, does not win the NBA Championship. Also, as a Laker fan, or an NBA fan for that matter, why would you not want the Celtics in the Finals against the Lakers? I can tell by your sub-par spelling and complete disregard of the English Language that you are not old enough to remember this great rivalry. Why wouldn’t you want to get a taste of it for yourself? Sitting on my couch with my father in the 80’s watching these two teams having epic battles are the reason I am a basketball fan.

  • Danno

    I love watching jokes fly right over Josh in Tampa’s head because he skipped the last line.

  • another tim.

    Tim (FD): josh in tampa really put you in your place.
    i think that was the funniest thing i’ve ever read on this site. sorry john and chuck.

  • The Bad Boys

    man you fools, this series will be a blowout. my boys in detroit will get it done in a sweep baby. this is going to be a yawner. detroit in 4.

  • Ajay

    Ah tim my fellow friend man your right Reds is crazy no way spurs will beat remeber this is Boston website and can’t admit that LAKERS ARE BETTER THEN THE CELTICS. O DON’T THE LAKERS ACTUALLY WIN ON THE ROAD UNLIKE THE CELTICS

  • Rush

    Bad Boys,
    great prediction. hope it continues throughout the series. keep it coming.