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The Ray Allen Question

ray allen

I keep hearing the question "Is Ray Allen done?"

And I keep thinking "are you nuts?"

Just because a guy has gone cold doesn't mean he's done.  Ray has taken a drastically reduced role than what he's used to… and in case you haven't noticed… the questions we all had in the pre-season are now surfacing in the post-season.  Remember when idiots like me were wondering if we should predict 50 wins for this team?  It's because the we were picturing the first month or two of the season playing out like this. 

Remember when we were wondering "who would take over,"  "who takes the last shot," "can Rondo lead the team," "is Perkins good enough to be the a starting center?"  The C's rode the emotion of the opening month into a season-long ride of giddy, spotlight sharing fun.  The results were great… until the pressure was ramped up.  The C's are 2 games above .500 right now.  That's where they should have been in December… then they should have figured things out by the All-Star break… and then they should have gone on a run that got them into the playoffs as a 2 or 3 seed. 

Well… they did it ass-backwards… dominated early… and now they're struggling.  Luckily… they're starting to figure things out.  Paul is scoring option #1, KG is option 1a, and Ray is next. 

This may be wishful thinking.  But I can see the possibility of Ray Allen figuring things out in this round.  Atlanta was way too athletic for him (and for the whole team)… and Cleveland went out of their way to stop him.  Detroit probably won't do that, because that leaves Paul Pierce 1-on-1 with Tayshaun Prince… and Pierce can post him up.  LeBron could defend Paul… and take him out with his offense.  Prince is not a scoring threat… and Pierce is feeling good… so I'm going to guess Detroit might want to focus on The Truth and take their chances with a cold Ray Allen getting worn out by gettig hit with 3 picks every time down the floor.

But Ray can find some space if Paul is drawing attention… and the Celtics can "Rip Hamilton" Rip Hamilton… by running him off 3 screens of their own.  If Ray is open… great.  If not… Paul posts Prince up and we go from there. 

Ray is probably killing himself more over his performance than fans ever will… but Ray just needs to hit a few shots and we'll be happy.  The threat of Ray Allen is more important than Ray Allen.  We don't need 20 points from him.  We just need Detroit to think 20 points is possible… and that will open things up… let Pierce and Rondo work the lane… and give KG and Perk easy shot on the drive-and-dishes.

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  • Dave

    That SI piece that you guys linked to (5 Reasons For Celtics Bewilderment) had a pretty good segment on Ray. He’s noticing that the opponents can see the plays we run for him coming a mile away so they’re all over it to prevent him from finding his rythem.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We’re all hoping Ray will bust out this series, and I think it’s more likely that he will (he can’t get any worse?). I’ve/We’ve been pissed at Ray since the Hawks series and have been cussing at him thru the TV ever since. BUT, he needs to keep shooting and he needs to keep driving and he needs to get to the foul line where he is still consistent.
    KG needs to smack him on the head and wake him up, get him pissed and make him realize he’s FREAKIN RAY ALLEN again. He may not have too, Ray loves to outplay RIP (also Kobe), so that challenge alone might spark him again.
    Perk and KG are getting the ball at the high post way too much. I’m all for the pick and roll-especially when Pierce is splitting the trap with ease. But it crowds the shooters and I think it’s effecting Ray. This series could be different, keeping the big bodies down low would boost rebounding and help Ray run curl plays off the low picks (and slam RIP around a little too).

  • Jim

    I think you are under estimating Tayshaun Prince a little bit. He’s been the Pistons most consistent overall player this post season. He does have an offensive game, 16 ppg on 56% shooting in the playoffs all while guarding the opposing teams best offensive player (Iguodala and Turkoglu).

  • G4L

    On an Radio interview with Doc he was saying how the Cavs were putting the extra guy on Ray so the would trap him in the spot.
    I’m sorry guys but I think this will be the toughest series for Ray. He’s the one that has to chase Rip around court! Thats no easy task. I’m not saying he won’t come out of his slump but if he was struggling against Wally.. it’s not going to get any easier against Rip and the Detroit D.

  • Danno

    Prince will be guarding Pierce, not Ray Allen.
    Rip Hamilton will be guarding Ray. Rip is more of a turnstile than Wally.

  • TJ in DC

    Turkoglu the best offensive player on Orlando? I would say Lewis and soon Howard (if not already).
    I was a little down on Ray for not talking to the media yesterday. It was a huge win for crying out loud…he came here to be part of a team.

  • inferno

    I think you guys are overanalyzing the situation…Ray is your ONLY legit outside threat…yes Pierce can shoot outside, but he doesn’t set up at the perimeter…Ray does and they were letting Rondo, House, whoever- have an open jumper if they wanted it, but they wouldn’t let Ray get open, there was help on him everytime…
    Did you notice how many open looks Rondo got? Until this last game your only scoring threat was KG…until someone on your team proves they can hit from outside, Ray will never be open…I’d send help to him everytime and take my chances with your scrubs…Danno is correct..Rip on Ray…Prince on Pierce…but expect help on Ray again…
    By the way…neither team will last more than 6 when you face LA in the finals…
    Enjoy the series folks…

  • The Mad Hatter

    I read that he was goin thru some serious family issues regarding his the murder of his stepfather.