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Appreciating Our Captain

It's the morning after… and its still soaking in.

Did I see what I think I saw?

“I think the second round of the postseason, Game 7, these fans finally have an opportunity to forget a little bit about what Larry Bird and Dominique Wilkins did and remember what Paul and LeBron did,” said LeBron James. “Two great guys just going at it. Two of the best league"

The whole world was waiting for LeBron James to explode… and he did.  The whole world, however, wasn't expecting Paul Pierce to be better.  And he WAS better.

Pierce worked his game within the offense… while LeBron dribbled for 18 seconds and made his move.  Pierce shot more efficiently… hustled more… and shouldered a greater burden.  These were, after all, the mighty Celtics at home.  Pierce was carrying history… not just a team… on his shoulders.  This isn't to say LeBron wasn't awesome.  He was.  Pierce was just better.

What we witnessed was "the moment."  It's a defining game with defining images.  The free throw that bounced 3 feet above the rim before falling.  The dive on the jump ball.  These are things we'll see in slow motion at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony (and there will be a Hall of Fame induction ceremony).  They'll be on the Jumbotron tomorrow night… right before the Pierce "LET ME HEAAAARRRRR IT!!!!!"

I write this not to rehash the words that have already been written.  I write this because 20 years from now, some 35 year old guy will say "I'll never forget that game back in '08… when Pierce and LeBron went toe to toe.  I became a die-hard fan that day."  I write this because Paul Pierce has been under-appreciated for far too long… both in Boston, and nationally.  I write this because last night, Paul Pierce did what only the most legendary of Celtics have ever done:  personally will his team to victory in a playoff elimination game.

It's now time to move on and focus on Detroit.  But Paul Pierce has started a chain of events that could… COULD… gain him entry into the pantheon of Celtics legends.  Personally willing a team to a playoff victory is one thing.  Taking over and willing your team to a championship… gets you the Golden Ticket. 

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  • BigMck

    Paulie has the swagger…Look out Detroit. And it’s come at the right time…with Ray struggling. No worries about hurting egos…this is Paul’s team and he acted like it.

  • Matty S.

    The TRUTH does indeed hurt! I know Ray is cold as hell right now but if by some small chance in hell he warms up this series, I think it will be shorter than the two previous. Keep your fingers crossed!! He CAN’T stay cold forever, hes RAY FREAKIN’ ALLEN!!!
    ~Matty S.

  • PxFunk

    Agreed Matty, I’m surprised Ray Ray hasn’t heated up yet, but he will. Pierce is gonna be hounded by Tayshaun this series and Sheed can be great when he wants to, so KG might have a tough time with him too. The matchup with Rip will bring out the best in Ray. Its gonna be like that pistons/pacers series a couple years back where Reggie and Rip were going toe to toe the whole time. Its gonna be fun to watch!

  • Lakerhater

    Watching Pauly take that over rated f*cking crybaby to school was awesome. You could make out Van Gundy faintly sobbing in the last few seconds.
    Dude – buy your boss a hooker he won’t care if your there or not.